The Election of Wesnoth

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The Election of Wesnoth

Post by Nikki23 »

Listening to an RN program on board games in the lockdown.
Amongst those games discussed were several cooperative games, and one where cooperation is necessary at the beginning but competition becomes de rigeur as resources dry up.
I would like to see an educational political game called, "don't elect the psychopath."
Players would consist of individuals and groups who have an aim and a charter. Beginning with small local communities who want to get something done. For instance a tennis club or charity or sub branch of a party. i.e the community wants to be better and chooses candidates and votes for them.
Of course the game provides candidates who seem great, or ok, or all we've got left, for each ideal.
some of the candidates are honest and attempt to do the right thing but are thwarted by competitors or life in general.
The aim is to assess characters over time to see if they are out for themselves or for the group. And to get rid of them or place them where they cannot do damage.
The consistent thing is that they don't go away and they probably cannot be gaoled.
Who can create such a game?
Either, a board game or on line.
Anyone interested?
I have reasonable writing skills and the characteristics of psychopaths are pretty well known.
This might make a good series of campaigns. The weaponry would be those of popularity, press exposure, charm, honesty. But Wesnoth contains many useful structure trees.
The aim would be to not elect a psychopath. 1% of the population but probably a quarter to a half of business and political and church leaders.

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Re: The Election of Wesnoth

Post by otzenpunk »

I don't know, what this question in any way has to do with Wesnoth, but you might check out the card game Secret Hitler. (As long as you agree that "psychopath" and "Hitler" are somehow comparable.)

It's also CC-licensed to have you print it out by yourself.

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Re: The Election of Wesnoth

Post by Pentarctagon »

Moved to offtopic.
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