Wesnoth for tablets

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Wesnoth for tablets

Post by lordookie »

Hello, I recently got a new tablet, and was wondering if Wesnoth would ever be ported to android. I found some ports on the app store, but one of them cost four bucks (for an free game?!?) and the other one wouldn't open when I installed it.
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Re: Wesnoth for tablets

Post by Pentarctagon »

iOS/Android ports of Wesnoth are officially neither supported nor maintained by anyone but the person/people who developed them. They are free to charge whatever they wish for their port, however I *believe* they donate a part of the sales to the Wesnoth project (I may be remembering something else though). The full source code as well as the apks are also available for free through links in the 1.12 Android port thread.
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