[1.7.9] TDEM: PA + NM + TT

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[1.7.9] TDEM: PA + NM + TT

Post by tsr » December 2nd, 2009, 7:29 pm

(tsr's default era mods: preset advancement + no mirror + table top)

So, I just made my third Default Era Mod and thought it was easier to make a bundle so: TDEM ;)

I also ask you to use this thread to give feedback, report bugs, etc...

Status (barely functional -> functional -> complete -> beta -> stable):
- TDEM PA: stable
- TDEM NM: functional
- TDEM TT: functional for 1v1

Descriptions: see below

TDEM: Preset Advancement

In TDEM: Preset Advancement, you have the option to set which unit your individual units will level into (taken from the list of the units normal possibilities).

For example, you can force a specific Elvish Shaman to level into an Elvish Sorceress instead of having to chose on leveling or worse: letting wesnoth randomly pick one path if she levels when it's not your turn.

All units that have multiple advancement paths have a right-click menu option 'Preset advancement' where you can make your choice.

Please notice that your choice will stay until you change it or the unit advances.

- tsr: coding, fleshing out the idea, art!
- melinath: code-cleaning, porting to 1.6
- random frustrated newbie: original idea

original forum thread

TDEM: No Mirror

In TDEM: No Mirror, you can pick any of the default factions or pick a random one that will try to chose one that is not already taken (if there are more than 6 sides in the game, only the first six sides will have different factions).

For example: if player 1 picks drakes, player 2 random, player 3 drakes too and player 4 random, then player 1 & 3 will get drakes while player 2 & 4 will get any of the other factions but not the same.

- tsr: coding, fleshing out the idea
- zookeeper: sounding board
- random frustrated newbie: original idea

TDEM: Table Top

TDEM: Table Top, tries to emulate a classic table top game where you can only buy your units before the game starts and you get to place them on your side of the table.

Please note that this modification only works in 1v1 scenarios where the leaders are at a distance from eachother.

- tsr: coding, fleshing out the idea
- ibaxx: original idea

original forum-thread

The add-on is up on the 1.7.9 add-on server. Enjoy!

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Re: [1.7.9] TDEM: PA + NM + TT

Post by ibaxx » December 2nd, 2009, 8:09 pm

tsr wrote:TDEM: PA + NM + TT

- ibaax: original idea

ibaxx not ibaax!!!!!!!

i have some new ideas ;)
i will try to implement them myself...

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Re: [1.7.9] TDEM: PA + NM + TT

Post by ibaxx » December 2nd, 2009, 8:19 pm

hm... you can easily add the functionality of an existing era to another???

what about to add the ranged era functionalities into the tabletop era?
it is the next big step into tabletop gameplay.

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