Battle Dome [2.1 for 1.3.x Released, Critical Bugs Fixed]

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Battle Dome [2.1 for 1.3.x Released, Critical Bugs Fixed]

Post by Blueblaze »

I've taken a couple days off from working on my Advanced RPG project to make this Survival-Xtreme-type map. It works differently from the normal maps, but the object remains the same, to kill the final boss.

Map features, shop, many waves of enemies, changing terrain, and bosses.

The map is avaliable for download on the Add-on server for 1.2.x. Hope you enjoy it :)

The Battle Dome
Created by: Blueblaze
Version: 2.0
Recommended Players: 6
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Post by eyu100 »

Yay! It finally got published.
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Post by assassin »

Cool haven't played it yet but hope to soon!
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Post by Jami »

Tried it once solo, Managed to get up to the Spirits wave before my last unit (was a ghost, of course ><) got swamped and killed.

I'll give it another go soon. It's very fun and definatly beatable.
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Post by Blueblaze »

Publisbed this map for 1.3.7. Let me know if any problems occur with running it on this version.
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Post by suokko »

Halberdier not Halbardier :) game crashes because of missing unit.
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Post by Blueblaze »

Thanks, fixed the issue and rereleased the map as 2.0c. Should be avaliable on the addons now, let me know if any other issues arise, thanks again.
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Post by Beholder »

I have a funny story about Battle Dome, it happened this way..

After playing a little of it online, I got curious of how many levels the dome had.

Playing it online takes too much time so I a created a game with + 5 local players and started the descent.

At first, I had no worrie about my team setup, I put it random and got 2 drakes, 2 bone shooters, a white mage and a red mage. All fine to me, however...

I lost my first hero coincidentally on the same place I fall on multiplayer, the ogre boss. The fight to survive the bosses was always hard and made me spent precious point on HP.

So I decide to lame it like I lame all survival games. With drain.

The lack of the Ghost as a eligible option got me surprised at first. But to my happiness I found the Lich had a drain attack and even cold damage. His cold wave was good soften the first waves too, and he had good resists, perfect right? So was born (or died) Team Awesome of Deep Dome Exploration.

I think the first 100 levels went without worries. A close call on the mud boss should be my wake up call, but he was organic and was leeched as all the others. Things were good and I dare to say, even boring.

On the lvl 100, all changed and I found Blueblaze probably have some experience on survival maps.

The enemy is a Yeti. Cold Resistance, blunt damage.. LOTS of blunt damage. He was a beast and I started to resort to lots of loading to kill him quickly.

Why I wanted to kill him quickly? Because the next wave was of undead with high damage. If just one lich was with low HP, the ghost would swarm him and kill him.

After this wave.. more undead. And more and more and more and more. My leeching plan backfired me when I was forced to face creatures both immune to drain AND with cold resistance, but I needed to go to the end of it and I loaded in demand until I got it right.

After some more lvl, finally the FINAL BOSS message but before it, I needed to get rid of a Undead Knight.

Despite my best efforts, that Undead managed to fell half of Team Awesome, and the rest was pretty weak. The store was gone and the message "Made by Blueblaze" appeared above it. It was the final showdown and no mercy for the weak.

On a positive side, my undead Liches at least couldn't be drained by the final boss, so it was a matter of killing him before he killed us. We did more damage, but he had a LOT more of HP.

I refused to load and face the Death Knight again so I pressed one. The first Lich took almost 60% of his HP before redying.

The next Lich took 30%, which was roughly what he had of life left.

The last lich had a red HP bar so I knew he won't last long, but Lichs doesn't regen and the shop was closed, no point in waiting, I pressed on.

After several attack, both Liches end up with a 2 digits of hP left. It was simply a matter of who would hit the next one first.

I kid you not. 2500 HP and the last fight end up with my Lich using his unupgraded Cold Wave just because of it's 70%¨to hit, and down goes the kind of the dome.

And then I realized... both Liches were kinda similar. Same model and roughly the same damage. I guess the destiny of whatever creature who won this trial is to become the next Dome master.

P.S. I found the dome insanely hard. If I was to play without saving, I would need to memorize every wave and yet, there is still a good deal of luck involved.

P.P.S. What hero do you recommend?
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Post by Nosmos »

actually its not really hard, the best heros for this should be obvious

@bluebaze the 1.3.x version has still the Halberdier problem
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Post by ubertuna-1 »

I found a bug in battle dome. In version 2.0 when I got to turn 104 the ai stopped moving and when I tried to droid it so that I could "jump-start" their turn the game crashed.
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Post by Tom of wesnoth »

I like battle dome i get things like 63-29 Gladius on impirial era!
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Post by TaXules »

This scenario is broken with 1.3.9 version.
To fix it, you have to modify functions.cfg and add a `random_traits = "no"` in [unit]. If not you will have synchronisation errors.
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Post by zharmad »

-> Halbardier to Halberdier change also needed.

-> Q: How many movement points are supposed to be given for 1 token??
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Post by Clonkinator »

zharmad wrote:-> Q: How many movement points are supposed to be given for 1 token??
Obviously 1 for player 1 and 2 for all the others. At least this is what the WML says...
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Post by zharmad »

*:lol: Anti player-1-advantage "feature".*
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