The Beauty that is Copyright: Skeletons (Voting Round 2)

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Post by wayfarer »

Edit of DF's edit. Just some further highlights.
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Post by Jetrel »

Here is a set of choices for people to pick from, adapted from both the previous work in this thread, and the skulls that Eternal recently made.

I'm really not sure which to pick from - note that some of these intentionally don't have lower jaws. In other words - time to cast your votes. Edits are also welcome.
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Post by Boucman »

I'd go for A or B...

however, it is important to notice that this might not be the best skull, but the skull that best attach to the skeleton.

if you had attached it to a skeleton archer, my take might be different
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Post by Zhukov »

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Post by Eternal »

Definitely D.
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Post by JW »

C is the most dynamic.
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Post by deserter »

I like the malice that the C has.
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Post by Ranger M »

B or D
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Post by zookeeper »

B or D.
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Post by Eleazar »

B or C
A looks slightly comical
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Post by Noyga »

A or C
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Post by freim »

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Post by Eternal »

What's with the C? :?
Oh well...
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Post by Darth Fool »

Let me just say that we should make sure all these different skulls make it into the franken-pack. If I had to pick I would say A first then C which seems a little big (although wesnothians do have unusually large heads). The nasal cavities on B & D are a little too big for my tastes, at least side by side with the others. Of eternals tweaks, I think A looks a little less like a skull and more like a really pale face. Still good for undead, but not so good for skeletons. D looks the best followed by B. C looks a little too big and round although if it was shifted down and to the right by one pixel it might be better.
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Post by Neoriceisgood »

D :wink:
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