The Return of the Darks

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The Return of the Darks

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This is the feedback thread for the Campaign "The Return of the Darks".

The Campaign is about a race which left Irdia in the ancient times and build Isles in the sky.

The first chapter tells about their search for the knowledge of magic that thei had a long time before to
save the isles from falling down. They send out Rumion an adventurer and teo of his friends to go to
wesnoth and find somebody or something that could help them.

Some conventions for the thread:
-For bug reporting write "error" in the first line.
-If you can imagine any feature or unit that could be applied write "idea".
-If you have questions to the story of the campaign please write "storyline" in the first line.
-For the very unlikely case that you want to show your art here use "art" in the first line.

The campaign is still WIP but the first scenarios work well. Have fun while playing.
Thank you for reading
Campaigns Im making:
- The Return of the Darks[ unfinished ]

Violent is the last retreat of the ...

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