The Great Quest 3p MP Campaign

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The Great Quest 3p MP Campaign

Post by JipperKones »

Hello fellow Wesnoth users,

My brothers and I have really enjoyed playing through this mulitplayer campaign. However, upon getting to the 6th and final scenario as soon as the map loads we receive the error "<invalid WML found> [unstore_unit]: variable 'temp_unit_variable' doesn't exist" and the "You have been defeated" dialog box. We are all using 1.14.4 with a couple of us on MacOs and one on Windows and it is the most recent version of the campaign, 2.9.9c. Is there anyway I can debug this myself? Or is this something the developer of the campaign needs to address?

Any help/advice would be appreciated
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Re: The Great Quest 3p MP Campaign

Post by gloccusv »

I don't know why it doesn't work, but I do know what is not working. In TGQ_Scenario6_Homeland.cfg line 80 loops over all six sides, but the AI sides don't have a leader yet, so no unit gets stored. If you change the 6 to a 3 then the scenario will work, but I don't understand the code well enough to tell whether this fixes the problem or just masks it.

Hopefully the developer can shed more light on it.
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Re: The Great Quest 3p MP Campaign

Post by mikeanthony »


Just confirming this exact same issue occuring, playng on Wesnoth 1.14.5 just now -

Did that fix prove to be workable? Or did it cause any other problems?

Cheers for any suggests!
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Re: The Great Quest 3p MP Campaign

Post by Jekyll_Island »

I had the same problem and simply removed that section of code and the scenario started.

Some tips:

hit Ctl+f and type in variable_unit to find the area of code to delete
The code will be in brackets like this { }
For me the code was in document>my games>wesnoth>data>add-ons>the_great_quest
you can use notebook to delete the code and save the file as the original

Best of luck. This was my brothers and I favorite campaign :)
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