Imperial Campaign(First Scenario): Planning

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Imperial Campaign(First Scenario): Planning

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The first scenario for a campaign of my user-created faction explored in planning here.

I haven't yet figured out much more than the initial planning stages here, but I believe that all of this is possible through WML. So far, my idea is to build a single medium scenario but with enough variation in flow that it can tell a story and remain interesting. The scenario can later link into a larger campaign, but for now, I want to have some definite progress by just finishing one thing at a time.

I'm curious if all of these, are, in fact possible though WML and if the planning here seems grossly flawed?

General Concept

Its a single scenario, but with three main 'arcs' or general direction of the story that change over the turns. The win objective is not of primary importance here.
Yes, its a surprisingly long list for single scenario. That said, given the nature of the scenario, I believe it works.
  • Shin Hideaki - the taciturn protagonist samurai of the story.
  • Keiko - his brother, innocent and good-natured
  • Driscott - their tactician, ethnically Wesnothian and presumably from Wesnoth
  • Lord Ankara - an arrogant if skilled Oni general
  • Petra - an unstable young woman who joins you
  • Wallace - the hapless enemy commander, a longbowman
Part One: Brothers Two

Shinji finds himself washed ashore on a beach, having been helped to land by his younger brother. The two attempt to move down the beach into a small area, with Shin aiming to search for the rest of the Imperial fleet, but can slow down to hunt food for a hungry Keiko. Unfortunately, after emerging from the forest, Keiko naively calls out to a Wesnothian cavalryman for help - only to be killed immediately by the horseman. The wounded cavalryman then attacks Shin, but the samurai finds his katana just in the nick of time and avenges his brother.

Part Two: Pacify the barbarians

Shortly after surviving the forest, Shinji can move down and rejoin the rest of his small Imperial fleet. Driscott greets him upon sighting him, impressed by his survival but bemoaning their current situation of damaged ships and extremely low supplies. He suggests that Shin take a small contingent picked from the ship/keep and conquer the nearby eastern towns for resources, assuring him that the Wesnoth "barbarians" are no match for Imperial superiority. This seems true, as they face only peasants and the occasional spearmen, and Shin is now properly armed and armored as all samurai.

The towns themselves are poorly defended, but tend to rebel if an unit is not stationed inside and generate more hostile peasants. Still, it is fairly easy for Shin to subdue his opposition and eventually recruit enough Yari to hold down a number of towns. In one of them, a strange young Wesnoth girl joins him.

After taking and holding enough towns, the fog lifts from the battlefield to reveal a serious Wesnothian force descending from the northeast, with units like Spearmen and Cavalry in them. Their leader, Wallace, is a Longbowman with a keep. Fortunately, the fog also lifts to reveal another Imperial invasion fleet to assist Shin...

Part Three: Storm the Keep!

Lord Ankara, the infamous Oni General had arrived before Shin's fleet, but now the two Imperial armies can link up for the final attack. The Wesnothians, who had never seen an intelligent ogre, let alone an ogre general, break and fall back from Ankara's assault as the Oni General himself charges forward with his Armored Onis and Crossbows. All would be well except for the Imperials except for one thing - Ankara does not believe in capturing towns. He believes in burning them and enslaving the survivors.

If Shin is to save the towns, he must move faster than his ally while fighting through the enemy forces. And if he is to avenge his brother, he must hurry to kill Wallace before Ankara can!
Plot Disambigulation
So, thoughts on how many years it'll take me to do the WML for this one scenario? And if its even possible?

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