IMPORTANT: Usage of id= key in [campaign] nodes

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IMPORTANT: Usage of id= key in [campaign] nodes

Post by Iris »

This message is directed to all user-made add-on makers.

The wiki formerly stated that [campaign] node's attribute id= was deprecated with the gettext i18n support introduced in the 0.x series. However, this is not correct.

The id attribute is used nowadays by the game engine to classify saved games, to determine what campaign they pertain to. Due to this misinformation published in the wiki (and removed during the clean-up, leaving id= undocumented), I had a lot of problems trying to trace back an inexistent bug. The fact is that you must use id= attribute in your [campaign] declarations.

Otherwise, your players will stumble upon saved games that display this way (or similar, i.e. "(invalid)" in red) in the left panel of "Load game" dialog:
no_id_attribute_causes_this.png (37.6 KiB) Viewed 2652 times
Campaign authors are encouraged to fix their content as soon as possible. Thanks.
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Re: IMPORTANT: Usage of id= key in [campaign] nodes

Post by db0 »

Hey, that's my campaign. W00t!

Oh wait..

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