[Complete] "Stay at home!" - the 2020 Wesnoth coronavirus tournament.

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Re: [Complete] "Stay at home!" - the 2020 Wesnoth coronavirus tournament.

Post by sergey »

Boy wrote:
April 12th, 2020, 4:12 pm
As I think - really good serious Wesnoth's tournament should try to minimize unfairness.
To do this there are next methods:
* playing best of 3 each game between 2 players; 1st game shuffle sides, second - manually changing, third - probably random again;
* map only 1 and always the same for all games;
* factions are not random, chooses from near equal pair (north-loys, dwarfs-rebels);
* to not waste time, because there is bo3, only good players allowed to play.
I totally don't agree with the last item "only good players". IMO much better would be to have as many players as possible, but don't set players to fight with different "weight category". I think the Swiss system used in this tournament is a good approach for pairing players based on their level. If you have an idea of a tournament, why not give it a try and host it? Comparing 2 tournaments - this one (which is not enough "serious") and yours ("serious", but only on the paper and never implemented) which one is better?
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Re: [Complete] "Stay at home!" - the 2020 Wesnoth coronavirus tournament.

Post by Dauntless »

Hi guys,

I have been away for Easter and I am just catching up with recent Tournament event. Will try to summarise my ideas briefly below :)

Thanks for a great tournement

1. ForPeace, many thanks for hosting this event. I personally enjoyed playing it and also obsed a lot of great games. I also feel that this event attracted some attention back to high-level 1v1, which seemed on a bit of a slump lately. So many thanks for all this!

2. Danniel, congratz! You played really solid in both our games as well as a few others I saw and I think the victory is well-deserved. Hope to see you soon in some other 1vs ;)

3. L20M discussion: I was quite upset to see how much fuss the discussion of L20M picking dwarves has sparked. I believe that, as a community, we should be able to debate in a much more respectful way and hope we manage to do so in future events. My personal view is that picking races was allowed in this tournament and that L20M did not do so to gain an unfair advantage. A sad feature of 1.14 is that a picked race with random leader is not well-visible - maybe that is something to adjust in 1.15/16.

4. Tournament format feedback: ForPeace, I believe that the tournement rules and settings were well-fit for the purpose of the tournament. As mentioned in some previous posts, the format chosen has some weaknesses if aiming to find the best player in the most objective way. But I believe that your settings worked well to assure (i) that rounds can be played out in a short time frame, (ii) that you meet equally-matched opponents to the extent possible, (iii) that you can join a bit later and (iv) you don't get elminated after only a few games. I see all this as very important to make the tournament friedly for newer players and observers and believe it worked well for the current Corona situation. I have hosted a few tournaments previously with very different settings (the "serious" ones), but still I appreciate the way you managed this one. Only exception I see is the map pool, which I would chose maps differently, but that is a bit of personal taste.

5. Polls for best games - nice idea - will try to review in the week and vote :)

6. Faction balance - Boy, thanks for compiling the replays - thats great. Regarding the faction balance, I believe more value would be in a review of overal faction win rates / specific matchup win rates, either in this tournament, or in a wider dataset. Some players are working on such ideas and tools for all Wesnoth games. If you have time and ideas to contribute, I can point you to the specific threads were this is done.
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Re: [Complete] "Stay at home!" - the 2020 Wesnoth coronavirus tournament.

Post by HonzaCZ »

i come back home from outside and first thing i see on the forum is stay at home§, kg
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Re: [Complete] "Stay at home!" - the 2020 Wesnoth coronavirus tournament.

Post by ForPeace »

My nominations for the Best Games Contest are:

Category 1: The most epic games 8)
  • Round 4: Boy vs Baltese_Windragon - Undead vs Drakes on Elensefar Courtyard
    Boy came back from a nearly lost position and the game was full of combat.
  • Round 10: NanRoig vs Danniel_BR - Rebels vs Drakes on Ruphus Isle
    The only game Danniel_BR has lost. NanRoig was an underdog here: worse rating, a worse matchup and a bad start of the game. But he won!
Category 2: The highest quality games :D
  • Round 4: Danniel_BR vs Dauntless - Knalgan Alliance vs Rebels on Weldyn Channel
    The top two clash, a hard-fought battle. Difficult to attack with two neutral factions but Danniel_BR did it!
  • Round 7: Caritas vs Legendary20Miner - Rebels vs Knalgan Alliance on The Walls of Pyrennis
    A beautifully executed elvish fighter rush, gaining an economic advantage, winning in an unfavorable matchup.
Category 3: The most instructive games :eng:
  • Round 7: Sinter vs Konrad2 - Undead vs Rebels on The Walls of Pyrennis
    A game where villages turned out to be more valuable than kills.
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Re: [Complete] "Stay at home!" - the 2020 Wesnoth coronavirus tournament.

Post by Kalador »

i' m in
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"My nominations for the Best Games Contest are:"

Post by fire-emblem »

"My nominations for the Best Games Contest are:"

all that matters
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