What do the players of wesnoth do with their free time?

General feedback and discussion of the game.

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Post by scott »

Country music? That just about explains it.

Lately, for me it has been painting and repainting rooms of our house at my wife's whim. At least this time I got to pick colors. Last time, I came back from a trip and the dining room was purple.
That, running, logging time as Wesnoth forum rabble, and roughhousing with my boys. 60% of a basketball team so far...
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Re: Of late it's been

Post by Disto »

Shade wrote:Of late it's been mostly reading, and travelling across the Province (Ontario, Canada) to spend time with the Lady Jessica. Since the 2.60 patch I've started playing some Enemy Territory again... Stupid n00bs stay off the beach.
Enemy Territory rocks. Oh yeah and get annoyed with the amount of school work i get given.
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Post by romnajin »

Camping, other outdoor things, and using the computer.
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Post by Hearold »

I'm really not a gaming freak, so I do track, work on my website (http://www.freewebs.com/hearold/, play RISK 2210 A.D. (a totally sweet game), Boy Scouts, Guitar, Piano, etc.
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Post by Kamahawk »

I get home from school nap till dinner, do my homework untill bedtime and then instead of sleeping I play RPGs on my laptop for a few hours and wind up gong to shcool the next morning with only around 4 hours of sleep.
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Post by ryn »

The ratio of wesnoth:non wesnoth time in my life is roughly 2:1. In the non-wesnothian 1/3rd I'm generally at school/playing D&D. Not much "free" time :D
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Post by Na'enthos »

I read, play computer games, browse (and occasionally post on) forums.

I like other things as well.. but this makes up most of my time expenditure.
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Post by drachefly »

Other than Wesnoth?
design games, read books and webcomics, write, play nethack, tennis... study physics...
Hearold wrote:play RISK 2210 A.D. (a totally sweet game)
agreed, it's much better than the original -- and that's just by reading the rules and cards! I so want to find that game...
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