Quality era guide?

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Quality era guide?

Post by Gumsch »

Aside from JW's nice era list I was unable to find centralized information on the various user-made eras ... and so I was wondering: Is there some form of era feedback/information list?
A guide to which eras are popular and which are more or less finished? I think such a list would be a nice information source - and a good advertisement opportunity for the various projects. Perhaps the teams working on them could provide a few lines to introduce their projects.

By the way ... I'm specifically searching for a somewhat balanced era that includes some nice variations on the existing factions - a new mix of existing units rather than completely new races. Several campaigns - like the Rise of Wesnoth - already feature some interesting unit mixtures ... but are there any similar eras? Outlaws mixing with other factions - ogres working for the Northerners instead of trolls, Lvl.0 Peasants for the human army?
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Post by Truper »

You might try the Extended Era. Its the most popular user-made era in MP, adds units to existing factions, and contains several all-new factions.

There isn't the sort of era guide you are looking for anywhere, to my knowledge.
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Post by krotop »

Maybe this is what you are looking for.

EDIT : I forgot that linktoo
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Post by Drake Blademaster »

The oldest and most popular (IIRC/IMHO) are Imperial Era, Era of Myths, and Extended era.
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Post by theotherhiveking »

I heavily recommend the extended era.
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Post by turin »

I don't think there are any eras that do what you're interested in - a simple rearrangement of already existing units - probably because it would be surprisingly hard to balance.
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Post by Gumsch »

Uh ... you folks are quick fellows. :D
Thank you for your tips ... After all those warm recommendations I've just downloaded the extended era and decided to try it out ... It's certainly an impressive collection of factions.
And your links were very helpful, Krotop - very interesting overview! There are certainly a lot of factions ... though apparently no exact match for what I was looking for (oh well ... that would have been blind luck). I'm a bit surprised that Turin seems to be right. No merely rearranged eras? I would have expected quite a number of them - as they should be easier to make than eras with completely new units - and, after all - there already is this standard era that wildly mixes all kinds of units in a dark and a light faction though (that one is a bit too mixed up for my taste). Well, I guess you are right - balance might well be the most problematic issue. Oh well - I'm not complaining all that much. After all - of course I like new races and units. I just thought a simpler era would be most likely to be already complete and balanced for multiplayer skirmishes. Now let's see how the extended era turns out to be :)
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