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Update Wesnoth

Post by Omid »

I have a low-speed dial up connection for connecting to internet.

is there any way to get just the diffrented things in the new version.

for example i have the 1.1.8 . I do not want to get all of 1.1.9(about 60 MB) . just get a little file that ghange the 1.1.8 to 1.1.9 .

P.S : I am sorry for my bad english language. :oops:
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Post by La_vie_en_Wose »

Ask a friend to download the game for you and to write it on the CD.
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Post by AncientRites »

Do you play the game in multiplayer? Because if you only play the campaigns you don't really need 1.1.9, it hasn't changed that much.
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Post by Squig »

i suppose you can use xdelta to update the source files without downloading everything each time. you d have to compile it yourself, though.

http://www.wesnoth.org/wiki/Download_Xd ... ource_code
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Post by Omid »

Thank you Squig.

it is what I want.
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