Using a translatable string from Vanilla

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Re: Using a translatable string from Vanilla

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What Choicer is trying to do is in the Architecture Mod if you want to install it and see what it does - it already does put the text in the same place as the village-tile information.

OTOH, Choicer has now stopped trying the hackish method that this thread is about, and has got proper translations:

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wesnoth/1.14/data/add-ons$ ls Architecture_Mod/translations/wesnoth-architecture_mod/
af.po  cs.po  de.po  eo.po  et.po  fr.po  gl.po  id.po	it.po  nl.po  pt_BR.po	ro.po  sk.po  tr.po  zh_CN.po
ca.po  da.po  el.po  es.po  fi.po  ga.po  hu.po  is.po	ja.po  pl.po  pt.po	ru.po  sv.po  uk.po  zh.po

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Re: Using a translatable string from Vanilla

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Hahaha, yeah. Fortunately it's only 3 words per language and because I don't speak them I can't come up with anything else other than that (well I do speak 2 of them).

octalot wrote:
June 29th, 2018, 8:03 pm
It's Choicerer... ... 56&end=166

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