Wesnoth 1.14.11

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Wesnoth 1.14.11

Post by Iris »

Wesnoth 1.14.11 is out!

This is a regular maintenance release for the stable 1.14.x series, delivering bug fixes and translation updates. As is the norm for updates to the current stable series, this release is fully compatible with previous 1.14.x versions.

As for what happened to Wesnoth 1.14.10, you really do not need to worry about it. Trust us.

A full list of changes and new features added since version 1.12 can be found in the release notes for this series.

Source code (458.9 MB)
SHA256 sum: bbd040305b2497f2c0cd056d54e8459269f2409cf033a6570259e1c19ff915c5
Windows installer (414.0 MB)
SHA256 sum: 7aa2f11d00b4bc5dd7b24fdcbfb65bc210f3853ec8286ee7756e187691f8622d
macOS package (468.0 MB)
SHA256 sum: 2919df67af41ed576a0398677c877ee144db19d28c1767320ef5ecfdfe0fff6b
The latest stable version of Wesnoth is published on Steam and regularly receives translation updates between releases.
All known Linux packagers have been contacted, and binaries for your distribution may have already been created. Information about where to get the respective binaries and how to install them, including via Flatpak, can be found on the Linux binaries page in the wiki.

Changes in this release

Read on for more details about the most notable fixes and additions since the previous stable release. Which is 1.14.9. Not 1.14.10. Just to be clear.

A full list of changes may be found in our changelog.
Descent into Darkness
  • S1: Reduced difficulty.
Heir to the Throne
  • Modified campaign start date.
Legend of Wesmere
  • Fixed various date inconsistencies in historical references
Sceptre of Fire
  • Fixed reference to LoW events.
The South Guard
  • Changed Haldiel to be Deoran's great-grandfather.
  • S7b/S8b: Reduced enemy gold values and modified dialogue upon allied unit death.
  • S2: Made the first grunt cross the bridge, otherwise the scenario is too hard.
Under the Burning Suns
  • Sun Singer and Sun Sylph: modified faerie fire colors.
  • Fixed some severe game rendering issues with SDL 2.0.10 (issue #4237, issue #4245, issue #4510).
  • Added various new death, standing and idle animations.
  • Unit team ellipses are now drawn during unit weapon draw/sheath animations (issue #1527).
  • Added a Private Replay option to the Multiplayer Create Game screen. This separates whether observers are allowed from whether the replay will be publicly available.
  • Reworked styling of progress bar and the network transfer progress dialog.
  • Textboxes now have a mouse-over effect, as well as an I-beam pointer.
  • The Campaigns menu search function now takes campaign abbreviations and descriptions into account.
  • Fixed Rename Unit dialog having untranslated text (issue #4569).
  • In the Attack Unit dialog and elsewhere, clicking on Profile opens the help browser on the correct unit variation, e.g. swimmer Walking Corpse (issue #4142).
  • Ensure enough space to display turn numbers in the hundreds.
The Wesnoth client now looks for the data/dist file when logging into the multiplayer server. This file should contain one of the following values based on what distribution channel the package is for: Default, Steam, SourceForge, Flatpak, macOS App Store, Linux repository, iOS, Android, BSD repository. This information is also included when using the Copy to Clipboard button in the Game Version dialog, as well as the output of the --report command line switch.

Additionally, Python 3 is now required to run the WML unit test suite on platforms other than Windows.
  • Experimental AI: multiple fixes.
  • Fixed a bug crashing some AIs when units with chance-to-hit specials without an id are on the map.
  • Fast Micro AI: fixed re-adding default CAs when deleting the MAI.
  • Bottleneck Defense Micro AI: fixed a bug with units not participating if too far in front of the bottleneck.
  • Lua AIs: several minor behind-the-scenes bug fixes.
  • Removed accidental silence of two seconds after the first track of each scenario (issue #4459).
  • Added help text for some debug commands (part of issue #2500).
  • Added a new help topic outlining common (and less common) reasons for losing a scenario (PR #4217).
  • Removed Classic UI theme (issue #4515).
  • wmllint now recognizes [load_resource] (issue #4538).
  • wesnoth_addon_manager does not generate packet.dump files anymore (issue #4651).
  • Added support for systemctl reload to the provided wesnothd unit file for systemd.
  • 80% of WML unit tests can now be run in batch mode using a single Wesnoth instance on platforms other than Windows.
Known Issues
General issues:
  • OneDrive can interfere with Wesnoth’s user config/data directory set-up, leading to all kinds of different manifestations of the issue. There’s no fix available yet. The recommendation for the time being is to avoid syncing the Wesnoth user directory with OneDrive.
General issues:
  • Preprocessor errors corrupt cache (issue #1924). If this happens you have to wipe your cache. That can be done in Preferences → Cache.
If you find any bugs, do not hesitate to report them, but please read the instructions on how to report bugs first! As bug reports in the forums tend to be forgotten, you will get better results using our bug tracker. We require your help for finding and fixing issues, no matter how obvious, trivial, or complicated they seem!

Have fun!
Author of the unofficial UtBS sequels Invasion from the Unknown and After the Storm (now available for Wesnoth 1.14.x and 1.15.4+).
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Re: Wesnoth 1.14.11

Post by RGB-less-nerd »

Pretty cool guys! :D
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Re: Wesnoth 1.14.11

Post by zijing »

My compilation isnt't complete.The game can play,but some translation isn't success.
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Re: Wesnoth 1.14.11

Post by dfsr »

I compile in Ubuntu 18.04.4, meet a problem:
src/lua/lvm.cpp: In function ‘void luaV_execute(lua_State*)’:
src/lua/lvm.cpp:1319:1: internal compiler error: Segmentation fault
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Re: Wesnoth 1.14.11

Post by Tad_Carlucci »

Ouch. I'd start by re-installing the compiler.
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Re: Wesnoth 1.14.11

Post by Pentarctagon »

zijing wrote: February 16th, 2020, 6:00 am My compilation isnt't complete.The game can play,but some translation isn't success.
Not all translations - and in fact most translations - are not 100% complete. How fully translated Wesnoth is in various languages can be found here.
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