AI in 0.8.5

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AI in 0.8.5

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Being a newbie I could well be wrong, but I've noticed a distinct improvement in the computer AI from 0.8.4 to 0.8.5. On Princess of Wesnoth especially, instead of scattering everywhere and giving me isolated groups to pick off, it seemed to keep its army in two strong reserve forces, probing with one and defending the central crossing with the other. When it launched an attack it was well co-ordinated and I felt really stretched. I played this level just before 0.8.5 came out and found it much easier then.

In Gryphon Mountain though the AI seemed to get confused after I took the eggs and moved off the mountain to the western side. At first it seemed it was going to block me, mass up and attack from both the north and the mountain, but from turn 11 onwards it got confused. First it let me kill two ogres without either attacking or backing off. Then it moved half its units onto the mountain and let me butcher its northern-western units and stroll unmolested towards the General. Only when I was in striking range of the General did it seem to realize there was a problem and start running its units for home, by which time it was too late.

Anyway, replay attached if anyone's interested.
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