bug during dialog

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bug during dialog

Post by tenoh »

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Wesnoth version: 1.10.6 English

Steps to reproduce: during dialog in the tutorial changing the window size results in graphical glitches such as the "end turn" button disappearing and the map displaying incorrectly, resizing during dialog also resulted in an error with this code:

Failed to show a dialog, which doesn't fit on the screen.
src\gui\widgets\window.cpp:940 in function 'layout' found the following problem: Failed to size window; wanted size 1292,98 available size 882,738 screen size 1024,768.

resizing the window after dialog results in the graphical glitches disapearing
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Re: bug during dialog

Post by Alarantalara »

This is a known bug: http://gna.org/bugs/?17806
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