1.7.6 "Friendly unit sighted" label bug

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1.7.6 "Friendly unit sighted" label bug

Post by djoriraba »

Win XP, sp3
TRoW-The Oldwood
1024x768 32 bit


When uncovering friendly units beneath the fog-of-war the label "friendly units sighted, press t to continue" (or something like that) will display a bug shown in the picture above if you don't press t but just click (fast, but not too fast) on the hex the unit was supposed to go. Pressing t instead will display the label correctly.

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Re: 1.7.6 "Friendly unit sighted" label bug

Post by SirTheta »

I am unable to tell from your image, but this can happen if you sight 1 friendly unit, then click to another hex (as you said you did) and uncover more friendly units. Has always happened since I started playing, as the first label doesn't disappear off the screen fast enough.

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