Can't connect to multiplayer.

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Can't connect to multiplayer.

Post by Yamilonewolf »

Hey, im sorry if this is a stupid question but im new here- after playing a couple campaigns I figgured it would be a good time to get thrashed by a real person. So I hit multiplayer- and after a couple minutes it comes up with "can't connect to host." I'm not a very techy person so I was wondering why its saying that, am i doing something wrong ... etcetera.

Any help would rock, thanks.

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Re: Can't connect to multiplayer.

Post by SirTheta »

Are you connected to the internet wireless or through ethernet/dial-up?

If wirelessly, is there a specific authentication you have to go through (i.e. PEAP-GTC)

What Wesnoth version are you using? Operating System?

Is Wesnoth blocked from accessing certain ports?

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