2 small issues with Wesnoth 1.4.7

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2 small issues with Wesnoth 1.4.7

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I'm running Wesnoth 1.4.7 on Windows XP SP2, 3.20 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM.

I'm not getting errors in the game, but two minor annoyances:

1.) When it starts up, it starts up slightly off-screen. I have to maximize it to get it correct. Odd, when I first loaded 1.4.7, it wasn't doing that, then today it started doing it. I'm running my screen at 1280x1024. Even if I change the game resolution to that, it still starts off screen. Once I maximize it, it's fine for the rest of the session.

2.) It seems to take a long time on "initializing display". I do not have any add-ons. When I had 1.4.6 I did have add-ons and it may have taken longer at that stage with the add-ons, however I never broke out a timer or anything to compare.

Overall I love this game; just wondering if someone has answers to these little things.

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