Under the Burning Suns

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Post by turin »

La_vie_en_Wose wrote:The creator of this campaign made the mermen and water to diseapear because of the appearence of a second sun in Wesnoth, wich was long before a cool province with dwarves, Elves, Loyalists, Saurians, Friendly Undeads and fans of Tolkien and so on but no Luke Skywalker. Delfador wouldn't have tolerated it. I also.
This is a GREAT campaign.

Does this post make sense to anyone else?...
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Post by La_vie_en_Wose »

turin wrote: Huh?

Does this post make sense to anyone else?...
:lol: Ok ! I wrote this down as I was in the second or third scenario... :lol:
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Post by ugasoft »

I've played "Under the burning sun" last 7 days...

no word, simply THE BEST CAMPAIGN!!

from the beginning to the end, really... I cried when I finished it T_T

congratulation and THANK YOU!!!

there should be a sequel, in my opinion... THERE MUST BE!!!
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Post by kshinji »

"You're simply the best, better than all the rest"

Congratulations, for the campaign, havent finished it yet, but already i know its great. Imistakenly noticed (copying your WML for my purposes), that there are some aliens involved... 8)
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Praise of UTBS and In the Dwarven Domains

Post by Mellor »

The sudden losses of a major character and the sudden changes in objectives require resourcefulness and intellectual flexibility, and they distinguishe UTBS as much as possible from a hexgrid 'shoot 'em up'. UTBS is a truly extraordinary game -- quite different to anything else in BFW. It also contains the element that characterises all of the best stories: it is a buddy story.

I've been playing the latest version and have found In the Dwarven Domains (which I think has been separated from a larger scenario in a previous version) to be the most difficult scenario I have attempted. Playing on 'Hard', I come into the scenario with 700+ in gold, but, even recalling all units that I can at first, I cannot beat the clock. The dwarves make excellent use of the bottlenecks, and my poor Elyssa can't incinerate all of the dwarves all of the time. Am I alone in being unable to fight through the dwarves in the time allotted?
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Post by Bob_The_Mighty »

Nothing to say other than well done. This campaign is superb. A lot of campaigns are let down by dodgy dialogue, but this was unexpectedly well written. Plus the challenges were varied and the story engrossing. Yeah. I like it.
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Post by Morpugo »


I didn't search in the 43 pages, but I'm blocked by a probable bug, at the end of the scenario "Across the Harsh Sands", when the hero has to go on the Pinnacle Rock. I can't complete this last objective. I'm playing under the 1.19 version on windows.

If someone has a word to say, I would be very happy because this campaign seems to be one of the best and the funniest to play.

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Post by Ewan »

Morphugo -

- the objective is the north edge of the map, not pinnacle rock. Kill off the bandits, then get to the north edge, and you'll be fine.
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Post by quartex »

Hey guys, thanks for all the kind comments, I really appreciate them. It's great to see that players are still enjoying UTBS. I pretty busy with real-life work right now, but I'll try to check back here every so often. Thanks also go to the devs for making sure that UTBS stays updated for wesnoth 2.0.

Mellor, thanks for the feedback, I'll increase the number of turns under hard difficulty for "In the Domain of the Dwarves", I didn't mean for the scenario to be impossible, but balancing hard difficulty is, well, hard.
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Post by rubber.piggy »

I can see it's been said above but I wanna say it again.

Best Wesoth Campaign Yet

Just when I was getting sick of a dozen campaign of humans killing undead, destroy all the leaders to win, etc. I find this, an orginal idea with original senarios whose objectives change and develop throughout.

Keep up the good work!! Here's to more original campaigns like this one!!
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Post by Feldegast »

I've really enjoyed playing this campaign in Wesnoth 1.0.2.

It is the best one of all I've tried so far.

Especially entertaining are the small extra quests you run into when exploring unknown territory.

Well done!
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Post by Jenda »

I just finished this campaign, and I remember finishing it about a year ago too... I was really looking forward to playing it again, so I did.
I'm speechless...
It seems even better than last time!

I saw people asking for sequels... I don't think they would really fit in with the story... but I suppose if done well...
in any case, this style should be very inspiring for campaign creators :)

Thank you, quartex.
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Post by Theo »

I must say that after playing this campaign, the other mainline ones didn't seem...right. It felt as if this one campaign filled in all those missing pieces from other mainlines. In this game, the dialog is spot on, the characters are likable and intriguing and overall it's very fun to play. Keep making campaigns like this one in the future!
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good game perfect

Post by BurningSuns »

this game is perfect, I hope more series comes up :eng:
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Post by Iris »

The best campaign! In this campaign you have to take some difficult decisions, i.e. which side you should ally with, which unit should receive the fire sword, which path you should follow, which units should advance, etc. That's what makes it so different from other campaigns (main-line and UMCs). This is one campaign I could play hundred of times.

The Wesnoth team made a great job by including it as a main-line campaign for 1.2.
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