Suggestion: Create game-profiles

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Suggestion: Create game-profiles

Post by eyerouge »

Idea & Why
The possibility for a player to simply select a "create game-profile" and then automatically have the game created exactly as the profile says it should be created, with every associated setting.

Reason for having this function is it would benefit the multiplayer community (and even single player vs skirmish AI) and make the process of setting up games even more easy than it currently is and it also saves time, especially if you happen to play the game often.

Some potential uses:
  • Having different profiles for different friends, i.e. allowing you to have special handicap-setups for your boyfriend/girlfriend/kids ;)
  • Using this to make tournaments easier to hold - enabling the tournament admins to simply let people download the correct profiles.
  • Same, but for i.e. ladder play.
Creating a profile
Simply setup any multiplayer game exactly as you want, with or without password, map selection, number of open slots for players, allies, timers, gold, whatnot. Then hit a button called "Save as profile". The game setup is now saved as a "create game profile".

Loading a profile
In the multiplayer lobby there should be a short list with i.e. 3 entries in it over the most recently used create game profiles the player has utilized. By double clicking one of those the profile is loaded - automagically creating the game accordingly. This list of entries can of course also be scrolled down etc.

Deleting or renaming profiles
Done somewhere in ctrl+p.
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