The War of Terrador

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Re: The War of Terrador

Post by McShark »

Hi, I suppose I'm right to write here about the campaign "Omega's Tale" (if I'm not wrong it would be good if that could be added to this thread's title).

Interesting campaign, getting better and better through the scenarios. One thing that seems really weird is that there are units getting back to lvl1 on advancing (I think this was true for the healers and some other units). Is this really intended?

I played "3-Assault" and finished it. Afterwards I got to "4-Slaves" which name is set as Assault, too. I guess this could be a mistake, but maybe it's intended. The REAL problem is that Omega isn't on the map on scenario load (there is no unit of mine there) and therefore I loose after the first move of an enemy unit.


BTW @bvanevery: I had no problem of winning that scenario (OK, some reloads were necessary. Maybe a hint: a Grub (and the higher forms) kill easily every unit that has ONLY ranged weapons.
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Re: The War of Terrador

Post by Dragonchampion »

Yeah, TWOT has a lot of bugs currently, especially with balancing the Xylash. I will work on those bugs as soon as I possibly can.
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Re: The War of Terrador

Post by stoneyjr89 »

Well, over a month later and I am having the exact same problem as McShark. I was REALLY enjoying this campaign. I especially like the concept of needing to convert most enemies to Infected in order to win, it makes it hard! (When I first compared starting gold and saw that I had ~150 to their 2000 I was shocked!) Anyway, let us know when the major bugs are worked out!
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Re: The War of Terrador

Post by TheDreamer »

Sorry for apparently "resuscitating" this thread, but I finally had the occasion to make a quick play on the campaign, mainly to "test out" my Ambient loops. :D

1) Well, as I said I made a very quick run and I got defeated at Scenario 3 (they wiped out a hero, the Spec Ops guy, much to my surprise). I found graphics enjoyable and suggestive, even the units, along with their weird resistances and terrain defense. It's a very unique campaign, and I'm sure space folks like me will like it.

2) I got defeated at Scenario 3, simply because one of my heroes was wiped out unexpectedly. Tanks and anti-tanks were a bit tedious to beat.

3) Hm, I actually didn't have the time to truly "impersonate" and feel the main characters, so I can't really answer that.

4) No suggestions for now, as I only played 'til Sc. 3. A lot of people seem to have problems when playing that scenario, probably because the hardness curve suddenly shifts to AI's favor even at Easy difficulty, but in the end is mainly a matter of strategy and tactics. I recalled most of my terrestrial units to deal with terrestrial enemies, and then dispatched the AR fighters to seize space villages and territories and to strike directly the enemy chieftains.

5) 1.3.9
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Re: The War of Terrador

Post by Lord-Knightmare »

I installed the add-on, but the campaign "The War of Terrador" doesn't load.
"Unknown_scenario" error message is displayed.
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Re: The War of Terrador

Post by Dragonchampion »

Until the summer, this campaign is currently only playable if you go into your userdata folder, find the war of terrador folder, and then inside the maps folder, delete the "4p New Moon" map file. it is an error that will be fixed next patch.
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Re: The War of Terrador

Post by Wendek »

Hello. I didn't see any thread in development area (because this campaign has been finished for a long time I guess), so I'll post here.
Just started playing it. Sounds neat, except the "nasty omnicidal aliens" part, but as I'm only at scenario 3, so I'm sure some things will be explained later. :)
I like how the weapons and such got tweaked to give a sci-fi feeling. Really well-done on that part.

Anyway, I'm posting because I may have found bugs, but maybe they're not actual bugs.
1) The Marksman gets a Headshot every time he fires, even with his normal attack. As it stands, the 100-1 attack doesn't seem to be useful when the 10-2 one actually kills stuff all the time. Doesn't work with retaliations, and doesn't mean he hits all the time.
2) Might or might not be related, a Marksman gets only 1 experience after a kill due to headshot. That, coupled with the fact he kills whenever he shoots in offense, means he's never gonna level up.
3) Leadership from Ryter worked even at level 1. This is probably intentional (at least more than the stuff above) but since it's not said in the help section (his ability is named "leadership" and in the help, it lists units from mainline as having the same ability), I thought I'd mention it.

None of this is gamebreaking but I thought I should mention it. Meanwhile I'll keep playin'. By the way, I'm on Kubuntu 11.04, BfW 1.8.5.
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Re: The War of Terrador

Post by Hannya_R »

I had played "The War of Terrador" campaign about a year ago when it was version 1.3.6.
It was impressive that melee/ranged attacks are in opposite conditions compared with normal unit attacks.
Recently I am to start the "Omega's Tale" campaign and noticed I haven't reported some seemingly bugs in TWoT.
So let me write them down here today.
I looked through version 1.3.9 and think that the bug fix or suggestion below would be effective even in 1.3.9.

1. Bugs / Seemingly Bugs
 a. abilities.cfg

Code: Select all

#   [filter]
#      ability=sniper_ability
#   [/filter]
 b. in Scenario 5-10, event name is misspelled
   name=enemiesdefeated → name=enemies defeated

 c. in Scenario 7, "attack" events seems needless

 d. Flameslash is alive even after Scenario 9.
   A command to kill him should be written somewhere like Scenario 9 prestart event.

Code: Select all

 e. in Scenario 9 and 10, [objectives] tags in "prestart" event seems meeningless,
   because there're another [objectives] tags in "start" evnt.

 f. Scenario 10 Line 291 would be "speaker=second_unit", if it means the unit that killed Xylash.

 g. in Scenario 12, a command to kill or store Newton should be written in prestart event.

2. Suggestion
 a. Unit files
   There's no need of {AMLA_DEFAULT} in the units whitch can advance to another and is not max level.

 b. Terrador_Captain.cfg etc.
   You can use "inspire" ability from "The Hammer of Thursagan" instead of over-leveled leadership.
   #for example, {ABILITY_LEADERSHIP_LEVEL_3} and {ABILITY_INSPIRE_LEVEL_2} are same in effect.

   To use "inspire" ability, there're two ways.
   One is just to copy abilities.cfg of ThoT and paste to abilities.cfg of TWoT.
   Another is to make pass to abilities.cfg of ThoT in _main.cfg like below

Code: Select all

   The Former is a solid way but is not translated, the latter is translated.

   And the description of the ability in unit files would be helpful for the players to understand.

Code: Select all

3. Other Problems
 a. Cost of Zederian Cruiser is only 34, just same as Hornet.
 b. Icon is Blank in Terrador Fleet Commander's Rifle.
 c. Terrador Napalm Flamethrower's [attack_anim] tags are just same as Flamethrower's
 d. Pictures used in [missile_frame] tags of Zederian Methane Sucker doesn't exist.
 e. No music in Scenario 12, 15, 16.
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Re: The War of Terrador

Post by Akkarin345 »

After playing the campaign for a few levels i am interested in how it will develop later on. However, a few things i have found:

- Scenarios 2 and 3, you only need to kill 1 leader. Shouldn't you need to kill both to get victory?
- Scenario 1 turn limit for medium difficulty is too high, 41 turns. I finished way before this and have started every scenario after with at least 600+ gold, this in turn makes the whole campaign easy.
- Snipers don't get experience for a headshot skill.

I like the space and land idea in scenarios though.
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Re: The War of Terrador

Post by WanderingHero »

Played a bit of both campaigns.

For WOT, I'm up to the scenario where Flameslash joins, the campaign generally seems pretty easy. I did need to work a way out to beat scenario 2, but the enemy seemed only too glad to sucide loads of its units into my tank, even when it wasnt gaining anything from it, just feeding my tank exp, while I used Spec Ops to kill the few units who would be good against tanks, also letting me easily dominate scenario 3 and 4. I think the ai might need some tweaking as the units seem to have a death wish and don't really both with type matching. I was able to get through scenario 3 with just 2 deaths (and that was just my carelessness), and scenario 4 with ZERO deaths (and i wonder by wiping all the enemy units out, and I have 1435 gold, 4 level 2 tanks, 3 level 1 . I think tanks are rather dominating, since apart from their toughness and the ai rushing into them, you can recall them for 20g and they give a lot of bang for their buck. Does this get harder, or have I just found a awesomely broken strategy? Spam tanks, let ai sucide into them, spec ops kill anti tank units, ??? , profit.

And to prove I'm not some kind of Wesnoth god, I'm actually stuck on the 3rd scenario in Omega's tale. I like the difficulty of the first 2 scenarios, even if the 2nd sometimes irked me. First scenario I had 2 brutes, and some diversion stuff, while i warmed with recuits, making grubs and killing any unit without melee with them(berserk seems a bit op when most people can't fight back!), 2nd scenario I went for a Grub/grub overlord spam, however i needed to make strategic use of the non food Recruits as meat shields, and I ended up down to minimum gold for scenario 3 (though with a level 3 omega and some lv2 grubs).
3rd Scenario.... I'm stuck. I can mind control 2 of the LV2s, and will then be overwhelmed by the hordes and hordes of level 1, no matter how else i use my parasites or the stolen lv2s. It seems odd I can ONLY recruit them, I mean I was given command of them, but shouldn't I also be able to recruit the same units as before? Did i use the wrong strategy before, relying too much on grubs? The fact they could insta kill any unit without Melee, including tanks was overwhelmingly awesome, but should i have made some long range units? What am I supposed to do?
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