Beating Dwarves

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Soliton wrote:I'll reiterate what balancing considerations are not based on:
  • unit to unit comparisons
    how the AI performs
If you want to fight out your differences in a multiplayer game: go for it! And post the replays if you think they show anything interesting.

As for this discussion... just stop it.

PS: player: i warned you before to make constructive posts... this is not the way to go.
i thought frame is the one who warned me,, and by the way, im sorry.

you're right bout the comparison,i juz think that you cant tell who is the strong one unless you tried them in all possible "obstacle".

and im not sure now about the challenge and replays cause it will snow here for 2 days(i cant go to my brothers appartment where i can play online)
and i agree that my post are not constructive(not in all of my post),
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To beat dwarves using drakes, be sure to use your saurians and drake clashers. A couple drake burners never hurt either.
Also don't be attacking the dwarves on mountains if you can help it.
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Sapient wrote:You are using version 1.1.1 (which I don't have), the replay must be viewed in version 1.1.0.

I downloaded 1.1.1 but it is missing a dll, and I didn't want to illegally download the microsoft dll from a warez site. This also explains your image problems, since the image folders were rearranged in 1.1.1
Fortunately for you, the dll in question can be downloaded LEGALLY from microsoft (same thing happened to me). Check their site, and search for the file in question.
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Thanks, Shadowdweller. I recently read that Microsoft updated their EULA so that you can distribute MSVCR71.dll. I'm not sure where I read that.

Anyways, I didn't know I could dl the dll straight from Microsoft. Thanks for the tip. "Looks like your skills saved us again. Uh, well at least, they saved Soarin's apple pie."
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About the topic :
The best way to defeat dwarves is to lure them to fight the main battle against your troops in forest. The dwarves are seriously inferior to any other faction in forest because their main line troops ( fighter and thunderer ) have very bad defence there, so do ulfserkers ( so an ulf doesnt always win a fight when attacking an elven archer in forest ) and guards ( althow guardsmen have their forest defense increased to 40% in 1.1, but it's still 30% in 1.0.2.
The knalgan player may use weaker units like the poacher which is not wery dangerous unless you are playing drakes, and no one reasonable would send calvary units to fight in forest, or elusives that can be tough to kill in the start if they get lucky but they have no chance to stand longer time because of their negative resistances and their weak attack.
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