WHAT TO DO if you can't beat a scenario in a campaign:

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Re: Levelling up enough units.

Post by pauxlo »

Kirsten wrote:When going back to a previous scenario to level up units, are you adding those units to the ones you already acquired in that previous scenario? I.e., are they cumulative, so that, when you reach the difficult scenario again, you have stacked the deck with additional resources that you couldn't have had by playing the previous scenario only once, no matter how wisely? Or do you replay the previous scenario starting with only the personnel resources you started with when you first played it, and overwrite the previous save, so that you end up with only the personnel resources resulting from that second, more deliberate play?
You replay the scenario with the resources you had then ... and then play the following ones again, too. (You don't have to overwrite the previous save, but you can use only one of them, not combine them, unless you are cheating somehow. But if you are cheating, there are easier ways to do this.)

The idea is that the second time you play some scenario, you know it better, have more experience (you, not your troops), and know what you need to level up.
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Re: WHAT TO DO if you can't beat a scenario in a campaign:

Post by tr0ll »

knowing whats going to happen feels like cheating.
i prefer to go back and try different strategies for the battles. another good way to learn is to watch replays by forum members like maiklas3000 when they post advice
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Re: WHAT TO DO if you can't beat a scenario in a campaign:

Post by Kirsten »

Thanks, pauxlo. I get it, and I'm relieved: If it had gone the other way, I'd have been confused indeed. I thought it must be the case that the player couldn't accumulate additional units by replaying scenarios, but that wasn't entirely clear to me from the previous posts. I can proceed with confidence now. (Theoretically, I could have figured this out for myself, but this is my first TBS game, and I've had my brain pretty full, with so many new things to learn.) As I'm getting acquainted with BfW, I'm coming to understand how much of the game is going back to replay scenarios, having gotten a look at what's to come.

tr0ll, knowing what's going to happen feels like cheating to me too, but I'm more than sufficiently challenged even when I play scenarios over and over. I'd like to feel pure, but that doesn't seem like a realistic option, even within this game! As a consolation prize, I'll take the learning opportunities of replaying as many times as it takes (or as many times as I can stand) in order to succeed. Thanks for the reminder to watch replays of forum members. I haven't tried that yet, still immersed in getting familiar with the game, but I sense that the time for me to watch others' plays is coming.