Siege of Elsenfar

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Well I went through it in a breeze first time through on medium no save/loading. I surrounded the castle to the NE and NW with quick units and split my main force between the south bridge and the east bridge. This left the orcs flummoxed and they had maybe 2-3 units at each point of attack. When dawn broke I stormed across the bridge with my two main forces and used the free thieves to block my injured units. I think it took 3 turns to kill the orc leader including that one. Rather than going mage heavy a few bandits served exceedingly well against the UD. They have maces and the march north was easy if long.

My army was the following...
Konrad lvl 2
1 Rider and 1 Scout
2 Horseman
1 Elvish Captain and 1 Elvish Fighter
1 Marksman and 2 Elvish Archers
2 Elvish Casters
1 White Mage
2 Bandits and 1 Thug
1 Outlaw
2 Poachers
Merman with staff

I lost 3 of the thieves you get for free, 1 bandit :(, and 1 lvl 1 elvish archer

I also leveled nearly all my lvl 1 units :)
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