Help - how to setup custom recruit list

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Help - how to setup custom recruit list

Post by FrostBlade5 »

In the map/scenario i made, i placed a unit and with rightklick gave the option to recruit units, i can select units in the right screen side for recruting but when i start a game with my scenario, the "King" who is recruitng units is somehow "overriden" he can recruit the units i added but also the units from his faction.
How can i edit the recruting so he will ONLY be able to recruit units that i added without any faction / overwriting?

I asume i must edit the map-textfile ?

Also im not sure if this is the right forum section to ask this but im new and i didnt find out where else should i ask.

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Re: Help - how to setup custom recruit list

Post by Pentarctagon »

Probably you need to put faction=Custom inside the [side] tag.
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