Questions about some Micro AIs

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Re: Questions about some Micro AIs

Post by nenau »

Thanks for the replies. I hope I will find some time soon to test the solutions you proposed and make a new version of the UMC...
And I'm glad I could help you find a bug in a MAI.

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Re: Questions about some Micro AIs

Post by mattsc »

Yeah, thanks, it's always good to get these kinds of reports that point to potential (and real) problems in the MAIs.

For the record, I have fixed the bug now (commits e82469ad in 1.14 and 09cffab7 in 1.15).

I also added [filter] as an optional parameter to the Bottleneck MAI here. That one will not be backported to 1.14 as it breaks backward compatibility, but it shows you how to change the code in case you want to do something like this yourself for your campaign (and I'll be happy to help if you'd like help with that).

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