Change to .pbl file?

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Re: Change to .pbl file?

Post by revansurik »

beetlenaut wrote:
December 30th, 2019, 8:18 pm
If your screen looks the same as you showed in your screenshots before, it looks like your .pbl file isn't being read at all. The version, author, size, and type columns are all empty or default values. (I guess the name must come from the folder name, not the .pbl.)

Is your _server.pbl file in the same folder as your _main.cfg file? Did you misspell it or forget the underscore?
I haven't changed the pbl file's location or name ever since I first created the campaigns, and they always worked fine. Even on 1.12 it worked fine iirc, the issue seems to be on 1.14 only.

I took a screenshot of the folder, though. The pbl file is together with the main, as you can see:
EDIT: OMG I JUST FOUND THE PROBLEM. The pbl file has a capital P (.Pbl); I removed it and now I can FINALLY upload. Omg I'd forgotten how much I hate coding :lol:

Anyway, you saying that the file wasn't being read at all was what reminded me to check the file name, so thanks very much! ^_^
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Re: Change to .pbl file?

Post by beetlenaut »

File names in Wesnoth are case-sensitive. The capital P in the name is probably the cause of your problem.

Edit: Never mind. I guess you already found it.
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Re: Change to .pbl file?

Post by gnombat »

I realize that this is resolved already so I'm too late to actually be helpful here, but I thought I'd point out that Wesnoth does in fact write a useful error message in the log file in this situation (in contrast to the error messages displayed in the GUI, which are not very helpful):

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error filesystem: Not opening 'C:\.../_server.pbl' due to case mismatch.
I guess the moral of the story is always check Wesnoth's log file in case it might have some interesting information.

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