Updating an v1.2 campaign...

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Updating an v1.2 campaign...

Post by toms »

I didn't get results from the forum search, but maybe i didn't look exactly...

Is there any tool or something that can easily convert maps using the old (single-letter)system into the new map system? If there is, please give me the link.

And, if it exists, an overview of the WML changes since then(1.2 to the next stable version) would also be appreciated.

Thank you.
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Re: Updating an v1.2 campaign...

Post by Ken_Oh »

Can WMLlint do it? Otherwise, you can use map editor of a version of Wesnoth that supports both old and new map settings, open up the old map with it and then save it to the new format. However, sure which versions those are, maybe 1.3.6-ish or something.
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Re: Updating an v1.2 campaign...

Post by AI »

wmllint will do almost everything you need.

An overview of the changes should be in a sticky thread in this very forum.
Wmllint should be part of your wesnoth install under data/tools/wmllint.

One small issue with the map format is that it now includes a border (it used to be generated by the game, but now you can specify it yourself), wmllint will convert your map, but the outer rows/columns will be used as the new border.
To fix this, after you've run wmllint, open the map in the map editor and resize it to be 2 bigger in each direction with -2 offset in each direction.
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