New amazon faction

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New amazon faction

Post by Noyga »

The amazon are a fierce women warrior nation from the border of the world.
They are well know for their cavalry and archer, but they are equally skilled on foot and do have some heavy infantry units.
Their favorite weapons are bows, spears, axes (double or single edged) and a half-moon shaped shield called pelta. Swords (mostly curved) and nets are also common.

Most of them do rely more on speed so they are unarmored or lightly armored, but some of them wear medium armor and their hoplites are heavily armored.
So i decided that most of them would have negative resistance to fire and conventional weapons, even less resistant to bladed weapons, but since they are more exposed to the sun, they would be a little more resistant to holy (-10% pierce, impact and fire, -20% blade +30% holy).

About their favorite terrains, they would be at ease in hills and forest, normal in grassland,
a lillte more effective in shallow water (40% defense, 2 moves) than normal units and not at ease in mountains (40% defense in mountains), caves, desert and snow.

As they are most skilled for fighting during the day, they have the lawful alignement.

Since i suck at graphics (i'm very very very slow to make not so good graphics), i have done no graphics yet. Help is of course welcomed.

How do they look like ? Their favorite colors are yellow, black, red and indigo. They wear short dresses, designed for speed, or very light to medium armor. They ususally wear crested (often greek-style) of conical helmet (high cap, not a skullcap). I'll describe each unit later un this topic.

Btw i have done a unit tree, and further more i already playtested them, through they are maybe not yet well balanced.

Here comes the unit tree:
Amazon Warrior -> Amazon Adventurer -> Amazon Hero
Amazon Fighter -> Amazon Quickblade -> Amazon Stormblade
Amazon Guard -> Amazon Phalanx -> Amazon Hoplite

Amazon Archer -> Amazon Firearrow -> Amazon Flamearrow
Amazon Archer -> Amazon Greenarrow -> Amazon Ambusher

Amazon Scout -> Amazon Pillager -> Amazon Leader
Amazon Rider -> Amazon Hunter -> Amazon Raider
Amazon Cavalry -> Amazon Champion -> Amazon Deathbringer

The Warrior line are foot soldiers that fight with a two big handed sword.
They do massive damage, but with a few strikes.
While they start with no or little armor the later units recieve a little armor , up to medium armor for the Hero. The effect of the change or armor is however small.

The Fighter line are foot soldiers that fight with both hands with an axe in one hand (single or double edged for the later units) and a short curved sword in the other hand. As they use ambidextry i didn't find useful to make 2 different attack, to i do as if it were only one weapon.
They do little damage, but with a lot of strikes.
They have less HP than the Warriors, have 1 more move, stay with no or low armor, but they have a little better defense.

The Guard Line are basicaly phalanx that fight with a long spear and a big shield.
The first unit would have little armor with a large oval shield, and the heavily armored last unit would look like a feminine version of the greek hoplites, exceopt it would have a tower shield (i would see it a little hexagonal) instead of a round shield.
They mainly use they spear for melee, but they can also throw them.
When the attacker have no special resistance, they rather retaliate with their shields (1 powerfull strike with slow effect).
The second unit gain more resistance and firstrike on its spear melee attack and the last unit gains even more resistance and steadfast

As you could expect, the archer line are basicaly foot archers.
The Firearrow line can shoot fire arrow. Fire arrows would do more damage per strike, but you have fewer strikes.
The Greenarrow line are basicaly weaker archers (fewer HP, both melee and ranged damage are lower), but as they are closer to nature, they shoot poison arrow and they have heal ability. The level 3 Ambusher also gain ambush.

The Scout line are horseback units that use a torch and a bow.
The Pillager can also fire fire arrows and the last unit gain leadership.

The Riders are also horseback units, they use a trowing spear.
The two later units can also use a net

The Calvalries are a little more armored troops that use an axe and a half moon shield.
They have charge on their melee attack (axe).
The last unit is also able to use a bow.

There a summary of the current stats of the units:
resistances: -20% blade -10% pierce,impact and fire +30% holy
defenses: 70% forests 60% hills, castle and village, 40% grassland, mountains and shallow water, 30% swamp, sand and caves , 20% snow
moves: 1 on grassland, forest, village and castle, 2 on shallow water, sand, and hills, 3 on swamp, mountains caves and snow

Same resistances and move costs
Same defenses except: 60% forest, 50% hills and village

Same resistances except: -30% pierce
Same move cost except: 3 on shallow water
Same defense except: 20% on swamps, 30% on shallow water, 50% on hills, 60% on forest and mountains

Warrior Line:
- Warrior (lvl 1 40xp): 40 HP, 5 moves (amazonewarrior), melee: 8-3 blade (sword)
- Adventurer (lvl 2 80xp): 50 HP, 5 moves (amazonewarrior), melee: 12-3 blade (sword), better resistances (-10% blade, 0% impact)
- Hero (Lvl3 100xp): 75 HP, 5 moves (amazonewarrior), melee: 16-3 blade (sword), better resistances (0% blade)

Fighter Line:
- Fighter (lvl 1 45 xp): 36 HP, 6 ,moves (amazonfoot), melee: 4-5 blade (axe+sword)
- Quickblade (Lvl 2 80 xp): 45 HP 6 moves (amazonfoot), melee: 5-6 blade (axe+sword)
- Stormblade (Lvl 3 100 xp): 65 HP 6 moves (amazonfoot), melee: 6-7 blade (axe+sword)

Phalanx Line:
- Guard (Lvl 1 42 xp): 36 HP, 5 moves (amazonwarrior), melee: 5-3 pierce (spear), 14-1 impact+slow (shield), ranged: 5-2 pierce (spear), higher resistances (-10% blade)
- Phalanx (Lvl 2 70 xp): 42 HP, 5 moves (amazonwarrior), melee: 7-3 pierce+firststike (spear), 18-1 impact+slow (shield), ranged: 7-2 pierce (spear), better resistance (0% blade, 0% impact)
- Hoplilte (Lvl 3 100 xp): steadfast, 51 HP, 5 moves (amazonwarrior), melee: 10-3 pierce+firststike (spear), 26-1 impact+slow (shield), ranged: 10-2 pierce (spear), better resistance (+10% blade, 0% pierce)

- Archer (Lvl 1 44 xp): 33 HP, 6 moves (amazonfoot), melee: 6-2 blade (sword), ranged: 6-3 pierce (bow)
- Firearrow (Lvl 2 90 xp): 45 HP, 6 moves (amazonfoot), melee: 7-3 blade (sword), ranged: 8-4 pierce (bow), 10-3 fire (bow)
- Flamearrow (Lvl 3 100 xp): 60 HP, 6 moves (amazonfoot), melee: 9-4 blade (sword), ranged: 12-4 pierce (bow), 15-3 fire (bow)
- Greenarrow (Lvl 2 80 xp): heals, 42 HP, 6 moves (amazonfoot), melee: 7-2 blade (sword), ranged: 7-4 pierce+poison (bow)
- Ambusher (Lvl 3 100 xp): ambush, heals, 52 HP, 6 moves (amazonfoot), melee: 9-3 blade (sword), ranged: 11-4 pierce+poison (bow)

Pillager Line:
- Rider (Lvl 1 37 xp): 36 HP, 8 moves (amazonemounted), melee: 7-2 fire (torch), ranged: 5-2 pierce (bow)
- Pillager (Lvl 2 54 xp): 55 HP, 8 moves (amazonemounted), melee: 8-3 fire (torch), ranged: 5-3 pierce (bow) 7-2 fire (bow)
- Leader (Lvl 2 100 xp): leadership, 69 HP, 8 moves (amazonemounted), melee: 10-3 fire (torch), ranged: 7-3 pierce (bow) 10-2 fire (bow)

Hunter Line:
- Scout (Lvl 1 38 xp): 35 HP, 8 moves (amazonemounted), melee: 5-3 pierce (spear), ranged: 5-2 pierce (spear)
- Hunter (Lvl 2 54 xp): 51 HP, 9 moves (amazonemounted), melee: 7-3 pierce (spear), ranged: 7-2 pierce (spear) 6-2 impact+slow (net)
- Raider (Lvl 3 100 xp): 62 HP, 9 moves (amazonemounted), melee: 10-3 pierce (spear), ranged: 10-2 pierce (spear) 9-2 impact+slow (net)

Cavalry Line:
- Cavalry (Lvl 1 34 xp): 38 HP, 7 moves (amazonemounted), melee: 6-3 blade+charge (axe), better resistance (-10% blade, -20% pierce, 0% impact)
- Champion (Lvl 2 130 xp): 58 HP, 7 moves (amazonemounted), melee: 8-3 blade+charge (axe), better resistance (0% blade)
- Deathbringer (Lvl 3 100 xp): 68 HP, 7 moves (amazonemounted), melee: 12-3 blade+charge (axe), ranged: 7-3 pierce (bow)

Well everything is not well balanced, at least i think i'll tone down the archers and raise the hp and resistances of the phalanxs.
I think i'll also make some generic macros for the armored troops.

There is still some work to do, but it may became a cool faction. What do you think ?
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Post by Darth Fool »

This is not a tree, it is a series of vines with no branching. I would combine all the level 1 footsoldiers into 1 unit, same for level 1 archers and the cavalry, giving you three level 1 units.
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Post by Kestenvarn »

Looking over the info... other than cosmetic changes, I don't really see what makes this faction unique from the others.

Maybe focusing more on the archers but stepping away from anything involving forest to avoid similarities to the Elves?
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Post by Noyga »

Well there is already only one level 1 archer.
If you look at other factions, most trees are like this.

For the Pillager and Hunter Line initally i had a common spear+torch level 1 rider, but i had either RIPIB problem or units with too much differents attacks, so i splitted the two.
Mounted archers, spearwoman and axewoman are typical amazon units does not fit well together. I added the torch to have at least one relaible lvl 1 unit to counter the undead, and i think it does fit better on a mounted unit.

The phalanx and the axe+short sword are also typical units units that does not mix well together.
I could branch the warrior line on the fighter line, but i'm not sure it is a good idea.
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Post by Darth Fool »

remember RIPLIB only requires that one advancement from a unit be strictly better. The other advancements can be radical changes that remove or change all sorts of things.
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Post by Noyga »

The main of trait of the amazon faction should be a lot of riders, with a lot of bow and spears.
They lack magical attacks and impact damage.
I don't really see what faction have a similar set of units.
- Elves don't have a lot of pierce damage, exept on the sea.
- maybe they look more like loyalists, but they don't have mages and sea units and loyalist don't have scouts with ranged attacks
- they don't really looks like Northerners, dwarves, undead and drakes
There are also some small defensive changes : they are a little better on water (than conventionnal units) and they are worse on mountains than on hills

Btw it is not easy to make something very different, specially when you try to stick to an existing model.

Maybe i should remove the warrior line and lower the cavalries defenses on hills and forests
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Post by Noyga »

I wanted a lvl 1 rider with a spear and to fight the indead a lvl 1 with a torch.
A lvl 1 rider with a torch and a spear was ok for me..
Then i wanted one unit with a spear and a net, but i disliked spear+net+torch together.
So this branch would not be weaker in since it looses its fire melee attack.
For the other branch i wanted an archer, so i gave him the torch. Since it has a torch, i gave him fire arrows to. To prevent RIPIB, i could gave the spear too, but then i would have a unit with 4 or 5 different attacks ! And i don't really like a unit with a spear and a bow too.
I didn't really wanted to have a third branch so i found better to separate the two branches.
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Post by Zhukov »

Hmmm, I like the basic idea and I sympathise with people trying to inject new factions into BfW.

But it seems to me, though I could well be wrong, that you are trying to give your faction a bit of everything. (Except, as you say, magic and impact damage).
While this may make for a very versatile and easy-to-use faction it also makes it a bit 'blank.' That is to say, without any character.
Beyond graphics, what will set it apart from already existing factions?

Granted, it is hard to think up something new when:
a) The creation of entirely new races seems to be frowned upon
b) There can only be so many variations of mainline races.
c) Taking into account the user-made factions (Romans, Aragwaith, several elf factions and all these 'swarm' factions etc etc) it appears nearly everything has been done.

But please don't get the impression that I am trying to bin your idea.
Good Luck :wink:
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Post by Noyga »

I simply tried to make a faction from typical amazon units from what i read about the amazons ie :
- axe+sword ambidexter
- archer
- mounted archer
- mounted axewoman
- mounted spearwoman
- phalanx
The only addition is the warrior that does not add much to the faction
Then i ran into a problem, the faction would be too much underpowered versus the undead. The only usable level 1 weapon versus the undead would be the guard's shield which is not reliable enough... So i added a torch.
Btw the amazons were versatile too...
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Post by Cuyo Quiz »

Mix the Warrior and Fighter lines, leave the Guard separate. Mix the archers obviously, leave rest as it is. That is my take to make it more like a normal faction.

I guess that if a Greek saw a woman with a circular shield and a spear, it would be called a phalanx, the Greeks were the oones to write about them after all.

For specials, call Temuchin. I'll take his word in history everyday.
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Post by Dave »

I think my wife would love to see the materialization of this faction. :)

It'd probably get her into playing mp for a while if someone could do good graphics for it...
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Post by Nicolas »

I heard amazons have short swords and have as weapon their fingers too.
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Post by Garm »

Amazons are womens who hates males and are some sort of "grekes". Use bows, spears(both casting spears and melee spears), nets, their hands like weapon. and they are stronger then normal humans. I can't find "horses" anywhere more than wikipedia, dont have the time to look more. They use pelta, and a helm.
Wikipedia wrote:once a year, in order to prevent their race from dying out, they visited the Gargareans, a neighbouring tribe. The male children who were the result of these visits were either put to death or sent back to their fathers; the females were kept and brought up by their mothers, and trained in agricultural pursuits, hunting, and the art of war
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Post by Naeddyr »

It's also good to keep in mind that the Amazons cut of their breast to make it easier to draw a bow. :o
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Post by Emmanovi »

And not just for that... It was also easier to draw/wield a sword, and other weapon-related things. They were very... agressive... I can see a lot of these having Berserk...which wouldn't work.
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