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Production of artwork for the game by regular contributors takes place here.

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Post by freim »

Just awesome. Great quality and they really capture story elements and present them in a dynamic way. I think your style is very good, and having all the story art in this style is just dandy even if they don't match all the unit images (which aren't conform in style anyway atm).
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Post by Tomsik »

Hmm.. no blood in wesnoth?
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Post by toms »

Tomsik wrote:Hmm.. no blood in wesnoth?
Yes, normally there is no blood, and I already thought on that, but the image is so awesome... :?
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Post by Redeth »

Amazing. This is professional artwork we are looking at, so I'll just shut my mouth, enjoy the images and pray johann will stay for long.
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Post by freim »

Yes, Wesnoth try to keep to a PG13 rating since a lot of kids play it. I don't think this is that far away from it though, could do with being slightly less bloody I guess.

Just don't get to gory and it should be fine :)

btw, I would love to get a new title screen in this style. Fx showing the archetypes of the game: a wise and powerfull mage, sneaky assassin, evil necromancer, couragous paladin etc, thus showing the factions in the game.
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Post by Eleazar »

Johann wrote:Hi, guys, thanks again for dropping by. I finished two of the opening sequences for ThhT. Thought I'd share my progress with you guys and see if I am going in the right direction with this, as all of you have been in this game longer than I have. Before I go on any further, here are the low-res of the images:

My understanding is, as storyline art, maybe I can get away with not conforming to the established look already used in the portrait art. So I did these in the style I was most comfortable with. Sticking to that same look for the portraits is essential, but perhaps not so much in the storyline sequence. Now I'm thinking that it may still look too out of place next to the vectorized lines in some of the portraits (ex. the knight/paladin units). Thought I'd post this before I get on any further in the plot, so I'd love to hear your opinion on this.
Can't wait to see HttT with new story images. :)

Your style will be great for storyline art (minus a little gore). I don't think they look out of place. A differnent style is common in games for these kind of things. I think your more natural, textured style is very fitting for story images.

The only possibly tricky part i anticipate is your depiction of HttT's 5 major characters. Jetryl, our lead art director, will probably have some input on that. Konrad and Lisar's portraits are "finished" I suppose all you need to do is make them recognisably the same characters, rendered in your style. Kalenz is semi-finished, but he comes in the game later. The current game portrats of Defador and the Evil queen are temporary. I think Jetryl has a new Defador in the works. I'm sure he'll PM you or post soon.

I think you can reinvent as much as you want any other characters.

Please keep up the good work.
Feel free to PM me if you start a new terrain oriented thread. It's easy for me to miss them among all the other art threads.
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Post by JW »

I would love to see your art take over Wesnoth. Those two images are ridiculously good.
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Post by wayfarer »

Really impressive.

hopefull you don't get tired before all are finished.
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Post by scott »

When my speech returns I will have copious praise.
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Post by Pickslide »

Absolutely gorgeous. I'd say not to change the style, because yours have a very fairytale feel that I think would suit the game perfectly. Can't wait to see more.

Also, I was wondering, do you just paint under scanned pencil lines?

PS I love your stuff on conceptart.
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Post by Dave »


Excellent work! :)

I think your style is fine too. The only thing you'll have to be careful of, is as has already been mentioned, when drawing characters that already have portraits (Konrad, Li'sar, Delfador) in storyline images, to make sure they are fairly close to their portraits in appearance.

Once again, very very nice. :)

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Post by Darth Fool »

As has been said, most excellent! I do hope that you can complete story graphics for all of HttT.

@pickslide: good to see you back!
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Post by romnajin »

Wow...I'm just curious, do you draw for a living? Because your art seems to be at that quality, and higher than a lot of modern 'art' I've seen in museums(which isn't really saying a whole lot).
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Post by Jester »

Magnificent... yeah... that's about all I have to say :D

You can not compare the quality of this art with the quality of, as you call it, 'modern art' (I assume you mean things as Mondriaan and Picasso). They are completly different in styles and thus incomparable.
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Post by Thrawn »

:shock: :shock:
And I just stopped being depressed over how I compared to Xandar's work

Really excellent!
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