Story Art: a list of what we need

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Story Art: a list of what we need

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We're steadily reaching the point where generic portraits will be done and potential new artists can focus on story art. Therefore, I'm creating this thread for future reference in the hope that it may serve as the Grand Portrait List once did. Below is (will be) a list of current mainline campaigns and the story art that would be ideally used by each campaign.

A note to contributors: before taking an assignment from the list, if you haven't played the campaign then we advise that you at least check the maps, general storyline and existing character portraits. It will help get your art in the mood of the campaign and will avoid misconceptions about charcters and such.

The numbers in a storyboard are refering to the scenario at the start of which a given picture will be displayed. When multiple images are used for the same scenario, the number of the scenario is associated with a letter.

Storyboards for Liberty, written by Zookeeper
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