Elf Animation Upgrades

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Re: Elf Animation Upgrades

Post by Sleepwalker »

Alrighty thanks for the psd... here is what I think:

Gave a little more head bounce and to a minor extent shoulder bounce at footfalls.
Pronounced shoulder and arm swing and giving a bit more weight.
Made arms more held out from the body.
Gave him minor zigzag movement.
Overall minor tweaks everywhere and smoothing some movement.

Hmm thoughts?
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Re: Elf Animation Upgrades

Post by Jetrel »

The movement of his near (his right) foot, once planted on the ground, seems a touch too "arc-ish" (my intuition says it ought to be a little straighter during that section). Then again, my intuition is highly questionable on this particular subject.

Generally, though, it's an all-around improvement. Wonderful stuff. :) I'm seeing all the little fixes you made, and will try to make mental note of them on future sprites.
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