Interesting medieval font

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Re: Interesting medieval font

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At the moment the localised versions of text (the map etc.) are done as images, so the font file is not needed to play.
kitty wrote:An easier option would be a single hand-drawn logo-type, which we could commission or conjointly produce ourselves. But that would also mean relinquishing to use localized logos at all, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.
Not necessarily, because we could gradually add glyphs to include what we need for localised logos. Most of the composition and kerning needs to be done individually by hand anyway.

Actually, I've been long thinking about learning more about typography, and the best way to do it would be by designing a font. I actually have one under my belt already, some years ago I designed a hand-written style font for comic lettering, complete with accents, special characters, ligatures, kerning and all. While I'm still a total newbie in typography, I do know how to use Fontforge and I definitely don't have any illusions about the amount of work included.

What I have in mind is a Carolingian minuscule, the kind of what I was looking for but never found. I did found a calligraphic tutorial where they show the basic strokes that could be used to make up the glyphs in a uniform fashion. If it ever comes to something, it could of course be useful to Wesnoth as well (but don't expect anything pretty soon :P )
Tiedäthän kuinka pelataan.
Tiedäthän, vihtahousua vastaan.
Tiedäthän, solmu kravatin, se kantaa niin synnit
kuin syntien tekijätkin.

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Re: Interesting medieval font

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Oh you meant physical labels on the map images. Sorry. I thought you meant the right-click multiplayer labels. :oops:

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