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Post by Elvish_Pillager »

There ought to be a :mute command --- stop them from talking or placing labels, let them stay at least.
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Post by varradami »

What's that elf unit that's standing on "El's Bridge" in the first picture? I don't recognize it...

Labels are fun. I've gotten into the habit of marking the graves of units which died nobly :)

Anyway, if your opponent is being annoying, no need to ban him - it's much more satisfying to kick his ass. ;) :twisted:
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Post by scott »

It's an Elvish Lord (Kalenz's unit type)
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Post by Draconio »

How is the Elvish Lord in there? Some custom era? I didn't think they could be used in multiplayer.
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Post by MadMax »

Assasin wrote:Hahahaha, yes. I'm refering to the people who use F*** to magnify their every sentence (I hear to many of them at my school).
Know the feeling. In my school, there aren't many, but the few that do cuss are horrible trashmouths.

I do agree with a :mute command, but it should tell the person they have been muted.

How about having a :warn command too, which would act like the warn used in AOL IM?

And that picture is completely demented.

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