Coherent Units

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Coherent Units

Post by Yomar »

Hello, I came across this add-on called "Loyalist Tweaks: Spearman unit-line tweaks"Loyalist Tweaks: Spearman unit-line tweaks" created by a prolific forum member nicknamed Eagle11.

This add-on produces the following modifications: Loyalists get an Infantryman unit who functions as an level 1 blade damage dealing unit that can level into Swordsman and Lieutenant. Spearman gets tweaked to not level into Swordsman, only into Pikeman and Javelineer.
This addon also adds an level 3 advancement for Javelineer unit-line.

This would be a thing that should be added to the main game or even replace the default Loyalist faction (Or at least add it as an extra era as happened with the Dunefolk).
Of course after some testing regarding game balancing, that can happen during the first releases of a specific BFW version.
Why ?

Here are my points.

1. I think this would make much more sense, someone that trains with swords become a Swordsman and who trains with spears become a Pikeman.

2. Javelineer gets a lv3 evolution, after all at lv.2 he is not so awesome, he gets less HP and Damage increase than , say Swordsman, sure he gets some good ranged attacks, so ? The Elvish Ranger gets much higher melee (he gets more damage and and an extra strike) and ranged damage, and a big Hp boost at lv.2 compared to his lv.1 counterpart, plus he has 70% defense in forest, gets ambush, has more mp, and can get dex. trait that can increase his ranged damage even further, making him dealing more ranged damage not only during Night, Dusk and Dawn (this without dex. trait) but even during day (I'm talking in general and not of vs fight btw these 2 unuts) he also does more melee damage at night and if strong same at dusk and dawn, and on top of this he can further evolve in a lv.3 unit.
And this would not have much impact on game balancing, since you see very rarely lv.3 units in a multiplayer game.

3. Finally there is a unit that can evolve in Lieutenant, before (and still now without add-ons) (at least in default era) the only way to get it in multiplayer was to choose this specific leader before starting the game, while the Elves (Or Drakes) for example can get it just by evolving an Elvish Fighter.
An anomaly considering (tell me if I remember wrong), that every faction can get any starting ledaer in default era by evolving the corresponding lv.1 unit.

4. Having blade and spear units would bring a deeper tactical impact, now the player would need to consider more carefully what to recruit, based on which faction he's facing, or which lv.2 unit he may needs, and may also reduce spearman spam in some circumstances.

Any comments regarding positive or negative implications are welcome.

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