War of Dominions

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War of Dominions

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Over the last few weeks I got some rough ideas about making large maps more playable, so I made this mod to experiment these ideas. It's inspired by the mechanics of General's Glory and War of Europe series. Currently it has default loyalists only alongside castle keep buildings as recruiters and two types of villa defence buildings which can be built by right click on villas. I will give a brief account on the problems of large maps and they how can be solved, though it's very incomplete and maybe some of these solutions won't work:

-Problem 1: There is only one recruiter on each side, so most battles happen around the lines connecting these recruiters and other parts of large maps are often ignored. This is particularly obvious with AI.
-Solution 1.1: In this mod builders can be build leader tents on any castle keep tiles, which can be upgraded to unlock more types of units, so there can be more than one recruiter on each side.

-Problem 2: Players get more gold from large maps, and for this reason the maps can be jammed with hordes of units.
-Solution 2.1: Keep villa income low (1 at the moment). Increase unit cost if necessary to reduce the number of units on the map.

-Problem 3: Scouts can steal towns easily if defender's units are not dense enough.
-Solution 3.1: Cost efficient defensive buildings can protect villas from scouts, and players wouldn't spend too much time on them because they can't move. (Still a lot of works to do to balance these buildings).

-Problem 4: Defensive buildings give defenders big advantage.
-Solution 4.1: Powerful, expensive, slow siege weapons (not yet done).

-Problem 5: Daytime screwed opponents have enough space to make full advance/retreat and never fight against each other. (tough problem)
-Soltution: ?

Feedbacks and thoughts will be definitely appreciated and anyone who wants to work together will be very welcomed.

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