Poll: Imbalanced matchups

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Poll: Imbalanced matchups

Post by sergey »

If you have more than 1800 Elo points on the Wesnoth ladder http://wesnoth.gamingladder.info/ please post your opinions in the next format:
stronger faction > weaker faction (low / medium / high imbalance)

Knalgans > Undead (high)
Rebels > Undead (high)
Loyalists > Knalgans (medium)
Rebels > Northerners (low)

Obviously maps have impact on the balance, but that is even more complicated topic out of scope of this poll. Low / medium / high imbalance is a relative measure at the discretion of each respondent. This poll is relevant for Wesnoth 1.10 - 1.14, since those versions have no balance changes of the Default Era.

Regarding Elo points restriction and why this poll is not anonymous. The poll can't be anonymous, we need to be sure that respondents are experts. The most effective method to check that is to verify their ladder account. It is delicate moment. Every opinion matters, but we can't risk to get incorrect results due to not very competent opinions. Player may be very skilled and not have ladder account. Ladder account verification is used just because it is the only feasible method, not because it is the only method to check the level of expertise.
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Re: Poll: Imbalanced matchups

Post by Cackfiend »

please change your link to the ladder to be http://wesnoth.gamingladder.info/ as we still do not support https (if anyone that knows how to convert it wants to volunteer their time, it is about 4 hours of work)

Knalgans > Undead (high)
Drakes > Knalgans (medium)
Loyalists > Knalgans (medium)
Knalgans > Rebels (medium)
Rebels > Undead (low)
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Re: Poll: Imbalanced matchups

Post by Ravana »

You already have certificate, now only need to change links like "http://wesnoth.gamingladder.info/jquery ... eWsUV5L.js" to links like "/jquery/jquery-1.2.6.pack.js.pagespeed.jm.12HeWsUV5L.js"
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Re: Poll: Imbalanced matchups

Post by Dauntless »

Hi Sergey, I will try to remember some stuff from the old days to add into the pot :)
Btw, I saw a recenty-introduced balance "patch" for default called Ladder era. I only played a few games with it but the list of changes seems to mostly head in the correct direction to mitigate the imbalances noted below. Maybe it can serve as an inspiration how to treat the imbalances you identify ;)

Best regards,

Knagla > UD (High)
Loyalist > Knagla (Medium)
Drake >Knagla (Low)
Rebels > UD (Low)
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