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Re: Visual Map Pack

Post by Ravana »

Most likely those users dont have addon then.

This code does not make sense. It is inside Visual_Map_Pack addon, so if you have the code, you have the images too. Better solution would be require_scenario=yes.

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#ifnhave ~add-ons/Visual_Map_Pack/images/
            message= _ "The required add-on “<i>Visual Map-Pack</i>” is currently <b>not</b> installed."
            text=_"The required add-on “<i>Visual Map-Pack</i>” is currently <b>not</b> installed."

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Re: Visual Map Pack

Post by Pentarctagon »

Thinker wrote:
November 12th, 2019, 4:51 pm
just wanted to let you know ... Isar's in the Sky map is not loading correctly (ADDON: Visual Map Pack) some error hits users that join but not the host.... something about title name xXxyYy some [censored] like that


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The Technical Support forum is for problems with vanilla Wesnoth, so I've moved your post over to the thread for the Visual Map Pack add-on.
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