Two is a crowd (1v1 default era map)

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Two is a crowd (1v1 default era map)

Post by tsr »

Ok, so I will just make my own topic then...
This is basically cut&paste from my part of the map-contest-thread

I had this idea for a fairly long time and now seemed to be a good time to post it.

The map is called "Two is a crowd" - cause you only need two sides to have a conflict ;)

There are a few key concepts in this map that brake some of the unofficial "rules" of map-making around here. I hope that you will be able to see past that and just try it first (I havent included a replay since I cant really host games due to tremendous lag/random dc:s).

- all terrain (except impassable mountains, river-ford and deep water) is in pairs (this isnt really important per se but it is for two terrains: villages and keeps. For villages to create healing areas and make it harder to steal them and for keeps (or actually castle-hexes connected to keeps) to lower the amount of unit-spamming and gold-hoarding.
- all villages are placed in the back of the map, because I have never really liked the snowballing effect of loosing a village, imho it goes too quickly if one side manages to really take a village, not only for economical reasons but also for positional ones.
- you dont start in a keep but have to choose which one to go to (I am not entirely pleased with the distribution of them yet, but I need to see some human vs. human replays before I can change it).
- the map is filled with river-ford and rubble (over ford) to allow extensive use of fishies.
- player 2 starts on an owned village while player 1 doesnt.

So please try it out and tell me what you think.


* tsr - original idea, open mind, thankful student
* Rigor - playtester of the month
* grrr - more or less subtle suggestions and claiming of grandeur

Known replays:
Version 3:
The first in a series by Rigor
Rigor continues
Rigor? Rigor!!
On with the Rigor
I do see you Rigor ;)
Version 4:
My first real game on the map
this is for version 1.6.4 and above, if you use 1.7.7 I am sure yo can make the required modifications...
(2.76 KiB) Downloaded 180 times
v.4 of the map
v.4 of the map
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Re: Two is a crowd (1v1 default era map)

Post by tsr »

Feedback and relevant stuff from the original thread
grrr wrote:tsr's map would look so much nicer if there was another non-village healing terrain but oasis. A "Fountain of youth" - shallow water/ford hex with a fountain (cure poison, +8hp) - would certainly help other maps, too. Actually, a whole variation of that theme might be in order:
- oasis,
- fountain of youth,
- magic mushrooms (feel free to come up with a better name, the important part being the slowing effect on flyers),
- mountain spring (think of the dwarves!),
- tree of life.
I am sure most map makers would agree.

Disclaimer: I have no idea how hard (or perhaps easy) this is to implement.
Rigor wrote:i just played 3 games, so here are 3 replays (not too long ones).

i really really like ur unconventional map.

making the decision where to go at the start is a good change!

ill just post the replays to give u a feedback, not because im super proud of them because my opponents didnt take ur map very seriously. turn 8,10,13 wtf :D

i hope ill play it with some1 serious next time, best wishes!

This is from the replay archive
Rigor wrote:a game on a new map:

two is a crown.

this map is really dope !

looks like crap but in fact is really entertaining (maybe due to the fact that i never lost a SINGLE game on it yet :D :D :D )

this time, the guy i was playing with was really good as well !
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Re: Two is a crowd (1v1 default era map)

Post by Doc Paterson »

I like that this is a very distinct map, but one question: How will Drakes not get owned by mermen?
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Re: Two is a crowd (1v1 default era map)

Post by tsr »

Doc Paterson wrote:I like that this is a very distinct map, but one question: How will Drakes not get owned by mermen?
I have no idea. Not only do I suck playing drakes but also loyalists...

Feel free to playtest (or maybe you are not allowed to do that being a judge and all).

Anyway, I will try that match-up (I think the loyalist mermen are a bigger problem than the rebel ones).

Ok, tried it now (the replay is linked in the first post as the first version 4 game) and obviously:
- I played bad and Yogibear[1] played well
- You where not thinking mermen exclusive
- You assumed I would respect ToD, etc, etc
- I found that mermen didn't have the mobility I expected.
- ofc they still have 60% on unexpectedly many hexes
- saurians will have a hard time not standing on 60% defensive terrain themselves when engaging the fishies.


[1] I would like you all to know that Yogibear has a big part in me getting hooked on Wesnoth. He offered to play a few instructional games with me one of the first times I joined the lobby. That has relly set the tone for me for the community at large. I don't really remember if we have actually played since then.
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