Suggestion: Allow multiplayer Select Upgrade when in Defense

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Suggestion: Allow multiplayer Select Upgrade when in Defense

Post by Nobun »

Perhaps is a bug, but I am asking myself why it isn't possible to choose the upgrade wanted if a unit upgrade during opponent turn (or this until version 1.6.3 on windows).

Example: I have a skele and only 1xp remains for upgrade. Enemy attack it and upgrades. In this case I have not the chance to choose from Deathblade or Ravenart, but the game choose for me if I am in Multiplayer against humans (I can choose, instead, if I am in a Multiplayer local game).

I think it should be nice to fix this problem. What do you think about it?
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Re: Suggestion: Allow multiplayer Select Upgrade when in Defense

Post by tsr »

There have been many discussions about this before. Try searching for it (I really suck at searching so I can't dig up an old thread).

What it comes down to is is that the developers of the game have decided that the game should not require any action while it's not your own turn.

I'm not sure if there has actually been decided that it is also a small part of the wanted strategy of the game.

Either way, according to these old discussions coming up with a good interface for handling off-turn-leveling is not so trivial.

While I agree with the first point I'm not so sure about the second.

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Re: Suggestion: Allow multiplayer Select Upgrade when in Defense

Post by Turuk »


Show that you have actually spent even just a little bit of time researching, as per the rules for this forum. When you have done so and come up with a view on this idea that has not been stated previously, then it can be reopened for discussion.

Topic #1
Topic #2
Topic #3

Rules wrote:Users should search to see if the idea that they are bringing up has already been discussed previously. If it has, and a decision was reached, do not post the same idea again. The previous thread will be referenced and your thread will be locked. If you believe you have something new to add that will change the decision, or a decision was not reached, reference those threads and expand on those previously stated discussions to show that you have actually done research.
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