Zombie Survival - Version 1.2.2 Released

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Zombie Survival - Version 1.2.2 Released

Post by Blueblaze »

This week's map:

Zombie Survival

A simple concept of surviving the waves of zombies until you can defeat the enemy leader. Select custom units and upgrade your character to ensure the survival of your party.

Players: 1-6 players

The game is now on the add-on server. Please post here with any comments/bugs/etc..
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Re: Zombie Survival

Post by Gambit »

If you're interested in some collaboration I had a cool idea a while back for a zombie survival. it eliminates grinding and spawn camping.

basically you intersperse the zombie sides between the player sides

1 zombie
2 player
3 zombie
4 player
5 zombie
6 player

then at the beginning of each round a zombie spawns on a random team of 1 3 or 5. they also spawn at random locations on the map occasionally too (there is one set point where most of them come from but it also spreads a few random zombies once in a while to keep the players on their toes). This means the player can't just grind away because there are zombies moving constantly, and they cant just spawn camp because they never know when zombies could come from some place else.

It doesn't work quite as well when you have a set "zombie king" to take out, its more setup for a large map where the players just run around fighting, hiding, and more running.

I also intended to make it so when the players die they turn into "uber zombies" making it that much harder for their former teammates.

I had a working prototype scenario but forgot to back it up during a recent computer wipe. :(

Just some features for you to consider, I don't plan to work on my idea again if someone is already doing a zombie survival. So I'm just tossing them out there if you want them. I'd even be willing to help code. I'm a sucker for "last man alive vs a crud wad of zombies" movies :D
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Re: Zombie Survival

Post by kyi_the_bard »

So I began to play this and when I was offered what unit to pick, I naturally chose the sorceress bearing in mind that a neutral unit took no negative modifiers and arcane did extra damage vs the undead. Then I realized she had no arcane attack, a sucky melee, no armor, and it would cost like 12 gold to increase damage or strikes. Then I found the assassin. 3 gold to add 1 strike, backstab, skirmisher, minimum 50% defense everywhere, they're chaotic so they get bonuses in the dark cave, and they start with a good attack. Balance? I think not.

+Skeletons aren't Zombies. And of course I lost miserably when Mr. 200 hp Souless showed up on turn 5, within walking distance of my healer and marksman.
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Re: Zombie Survival

Post by grrr »

Gambit, you are surely aware of TL's original Outbreak? I could only find this one though and when I tried to make it 1.6-ready (darn WML breakage everytime!) I quickly gave up (sigh). But it contains all the code for random spawns and random mutations already ...
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Re: Zombie Survival

Post by Golbeeze »

The enemies definitely grow powerful too quickly.
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Re: Zombie Survival

Post by cretin »

noticed one thing if you get poisoned and there is no healer there is no way to get rid of it. should probably be an option in the weapon cache
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Re: Zombie Survival

Post by Blindman »

Scenario is little too short :(

Shock Troopers are overpowered for me..

The player units should have THE SAME LVL

Some spaws like to stuck in the wall

Dwarf thunderer is useless.

Still gr8 work. I played a lot of times in your survival, very enjoyable :wink:
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Re: Zombie Survival

Post by Blueblaze »

I just added Zombie Survival 1.1 to the add-on server.
-Fixed bugs
-Moved the ghoul spawns back to the outside of the middle
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Re: Zombie Survival - MPGotW 04/17/09

Post by palloco »

Line 1382 should be
type=Shock Trooper

Otherwise the HI cant upgrade
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Re: Zombie Survival - MPGotW 04/17/09

Post by StDrake »

and consider changing the thunderer into a cannoneer (impact damage instead of pierce - line 606)
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Re: Zombie Survival - MPGotW 04/17/09

Post by Blueblaze »

Version 1.2 Released!

After being bugged by about 20 people, I finally updated this (special thanks to StDrake for bugging me enough)

-Fixed the Shock Trooper/Heavy Infantry bug
-Fixed name erase bug
-Added mechanism to prevent unintentional units from getting stuck on shop
-Raised various starter unit statistics
-Changed Thunderer's attack to Impact (reduced to 15-1)
-Cleaned up other bits and pieces with the code
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Re: Zombie Survival - MPGotW 04/17/09

Post by Blueblaze »

Version 1.2.1 Released

If you upgraded to 1.2, be sure to upgrade again to 1.2.1 to fix an OOS bug involving the Runemaster. Thanks to zifnab for informing about this quickly.

-Fixed OOS Runemaster bug
-Fixed minor Assassin name carryover bug

UPDATE: 1.2.1 is not workable as the code I am using to prevent names from being deleted when a player selects a character also causes massive OOS problems. Will get a fix out this weekend.


Version 1.2.2 Released
Hopefully fixes the massive OOS bugs that the previous versions introduced. Had to work around a potential Wesnoth bug which was causing this (maybe it was my code?). Regardless, everything should be up and working again.
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