Crossover Question

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Re: Crossover Question

Post by thespaceinvader »

Strictly, copyright is not an issue. As long as you're not directly copying individual pieces of artwork, you're not violating copyright.

What you are doing is producing a derivative work. This is the part which I don't understand or know the implications of, myself. |
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Re: Crossover Question

Post by Jetrel »

thespaceinvader wrote:I don't think there would be any particular problems with this. Indeed, I like the idea. But I think the license for anything derivative of Wesnoth would need to be GPL v2+, I'm not sure. IANAL after all.

Konrad seems the obvious, if boring, choice.
Dave and potentially Fmuñoz/me have the rights to the character as well, since respectively we came up with it of our own right, and then gave wesnoth the rights to use it under the GPL. But we didn't lose our own rights to the character by doing so! So we can give the rights to use the to anyone we want, and I'm pretty sure dave and I consider Konrad as a character to more or less be public domain.

Seriously, the idea that another open-source game which is supposed to be showcasing heroes from the big open-source game projects out there, wouldn't be able to use the protagonist from battle for wesnoth is just completely [censored] insane. That breaks everything that open-source is supposed to support.

This kind of insanity is why I'm starting to become more of a BSD guy than a GPL guy. (Especially because I think open-source stands on it's own merit, and doesn't need the viral clause to be legally enforced, because being open-source to begin with just makes you so much faster and better at development that anyone who tries doing a closed fork is going to fall behind, even if they're microsoft.)

Having said that, let's all be gentlemen and not derail the thread, m'kay?
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Re: Crossover Question

Post by jonadab »

If you're open to considering non-mainline characters from user-created add-on content, I nominate Clammie, from the Swamplings campaign, in his final form as a direwolf rider.

If you prefer to stick with mainline, I'll throw my vote behind the level-three (battle princess) version of Li'sar, with the scepter.

If you're considering Haldric or Burin, you simply must play through The Rise of Wesnoth. (For that matter, you must play it anyway. It's hands-down the best mainline Wesnoth campaign.)
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