Trait "Hero"/playing Heros units

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Trait "Hero"/playing Heros units

Post by Dreadwing »

Well just an idea I think there should be a Hero trait only for Heroes units and maybe Commanders(king whatever u call it) should have it too they don't have a trait anyways...

I just want to play every unit lol...One Day I hope for god that every crazy unit will be playable/in a faction.Anyways Hero trait units can be recuit but limit to 2 Hero Unit per player(+ur king already)/should cost a ton maybe +100Gold.

Here add on ideas for MP:
-So that make hero trait units able to recuit units too(put option if u want that or not)
-hero units can get the crown over there head when ur original king dies(probably put an option for this make more game type to play if you want this to happen)
-Play game where u don't have a crown on ur king so it make the game more interesting making u look at each unit(find hero trait unit) and see if u kill the right unit to end a game.This probabbly don't work if u have 2 heros on the field per player so this means u probably won't be able to recuit 2 heros for these type of games.

Yep that about it....
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Post by scott »

That last bullet doesn't make much sense.

It might be a fun challenge to implement leader replacement with WML, but I don't see the purpose other than prolonging multiplayer games.
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Post by Dreadwing »

Well im just suggestion that this might work well with replacement of the commander.Can't ppl just stop saying prolong the game nvm that.

And the last part is the "crown" on your commander u know the gold thingy over the colour dot of one of your first unit, if that gone you won't know which unit to kill other then finding a unit with hero trait if it doesn't look like the other units the player might have...
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Post by turin »

What do you think people did BEFORE there was a crown over the leader unit, anyway? Yes, there was once such a time, and there was never any confusion on the part of the attacker as to who the leader was. Removing the leader crown wouldn't have any effect at all.
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Post by Dreadwing »

Its like Hide and Seek but nvm that, now I think about it its kinda lame scatch it out then....well the commander thing is just an option so ppl who don't like it can put it on or off, anyways this topic is not about replacement of heroes those only add on its about playing all the cool/crazy Hero type units.....(Skeletal Dragon/Fire Dragon O.o)
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Post by Attila »

If Iwan't so lazy I'd make some randoms mp scenario's where when the leader dies it picks a new leader until everyone's dead. But alas, I am much too lazy.
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