Cooperative campaigns

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Cooperative campaigns

Post by Xeirxes »

What if there was a way to do a coop battle with a friend or two against AI, but not just a skirmish... an actual campaign?

Or maybe have a campaign where there is four sides involved. Two sides per team. One side on each team is played by a human.

Just some random thoughts. I really like multiplayer and I really like campaigns.
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Post by Assasin »

Interesting idea. It might be possible, but it would require a change in the AI and MP code.
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Post by scott »

You can do it on a single computer, but not across a network.
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Post by Dave »

This idea has been on our 'to do' list for quite some time.

Like....over a year, I think. ;)

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Post by Alpha »

I'd love to see a co-operative feauture, but I'm not a programmer so I probably shouldn't talk. I understand that you would not be able to play over network, but a co-operative campaign on one computer would open Wesnoth up to other ideas as well. I won't go into detail......
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Post by turin »

There already is one cooperative MP campaign, although I think it is not the best campaign out there. :) Its called "Elf War", and you can get it on the campaign server.
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Post by RequiemOfReason »

You can make a "hot seat" campaign just by making more than one side

"controller=human", I've tried something like it, and it worked okay. I'm not sure If you can make an online multiplayer campaign.
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