Column in Statistics to Show Luck Factor

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Column in Statistics to Show Luck Factor

Post by Gobling »

Sorry for my English.
Probably we can get another better name than "luck factor".

So people are more easy to find a relief, when they have gotten a "bad luck"
all my suggestion is OK and welcome to say NO:)
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Re: Add a column name here

Post by Turuk »

Posting Guidelines wrote:Thread Titles.
When making a thread, make sure that the title accurately conveys what the thread is about. Vague titles serve little purpose in attracting attention if you need help, have a question, or want an opinion on your work.
Fixed your title to make it more relevant to your purpose.
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hiro hito
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Re: Column in Statistics to Show Luck Factor

Post by hiro hito »

I still wonder what is the utility of the "luck" statistic?
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Re: Column in Statistics to Show Luck Factor

Post by Noy »

Or how you would measure it... If only had a system which shows what was the expected value of hits and the actual outcome and the percentage difference...

Oh wait, it already does that.

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