Two suggestions

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Two suggestions

Post by Velensk »

Firstly I'm going to request a feature removal, which is the ability to modify the size of your text in mp. I think that it does not add much, except the possibility of lots of abuse. If not removed, I'd sugest at least making a cap, so that a player can't literaly cover the screen with their message.

Secondly, I'd like to propose that somewhere in the tutorial it talks about how to check resistances, a suprising large number of people I've met on the server had no idea about it.
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Re: Two suggestions

Post by Turuk »

The first sounds completely reasonable, I have certainly seen that abused before, just to spam annoying messages or to be distracting.

The second also sounds well, though I feel like it was most likely never explained because they wanted to keep the new players focused on learning the basics at first, and then get into what attacks cause potentially more damage based on the unit they are attacking. It should however be mentioned that it exists in the unit description, and the player can go from there.
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Re: Two suggestions

Post by Weeksy »

Yeah, this looks like it could have some abuse problems, as there doesn't seem to be much use for it except for trolling. Its removal would probably be good.
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