Random portraits and unit graphics

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Random portraits and unit graphics

Post by Octavius »

In Medieval II: Total war, there is a system in which unit model and graphics are randomized. I believe we could attempt such a system in Wesnoth as well, to improve authenticity and basically the wow-factor of the game.

What I saw in the Total war game... For example, in a unit of 60 archers, some woudl be bearded while others clean-shaven. Others would have hoods while others have none. SOme wears leather while others wear chainmail. Their clothes differ as well, sometimes in the Insignia they wore even, but mostly the dressing.

If we bring this into the game, we can have units with their own features, not just clones of each other. Some could be wearing helmets while others hats or none at all. Some could be using chainmail while others leather. SOme could be wearing boots that rose to just below the knee while others wear shorter boots. Some can even be bearded while others were not.

Same goes for the portrait. What do you guys think?
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Re: Random portraits and unit graphics

Post by CarpeGuitarrem »

Not at the moment. You'd have to have a totally modular spriting system.
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Re: Random portraits and unit graphics

Post by Mist »

Nice idea, but...

a) We don't have enough sprite artists [repeat ad infinum]
b) We don't have enough sprite artists
c) We...

Or quoting after CarpeGuitarrem

Our animation engine doesn't support modularised units (to this extent) and

1) We don't have enough manpower to code it
2) We don't have enough manpower to code it
3) We...

Soft locked until someone provides a good patch to animation engine
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Re: Random portraits and unit graphics

Post by Longbow »

Am I allowed to post in a soft-lock? (If not please delete this)
Could something be achieved like the male/female we already have?
Octavius' idea is good but perhaps not to the extent he says, you could have 1 extra variation or so for standard units if anyone is willing to make them- hey, it could be a project for new sprite artists and if they were good enough add them, you would only need to frankenstein from originals so the really important guys could concentrate on the more important stuff. I think this would be great to train new artists.
Sorry once again if this is not supposed to be here.
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