Ability to execute variable as WML

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Ability to execute variable as WML

Post by arielbys »

What i mean in this? I mean you can use a tag, which gets 1 "parameter" (the variable name) and executes it as WML. This should be used w' my Python addition (so the Python scripts can change the game state), so if you don't create Python, don't create this. I mean to add something like this:
python=<STP {@Lord_of_Darkness\scripts\units.py} PTS>?new_units("10-30","15-50")
{CLEAR_VARIABLE new_units}
The campaign i did use does not need this as for now, but i sure some pp would like to do something like this.

Sry if this isn't possible, i don't know the code b/c it works in DevC++. If it works in Eclipse Europa C++ i will be happy and don't offer too hard.

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